Water Seed

Water Seed


Hurricane Katrina washed this talented foursome from the streets of the Big Easy to the avenues of Atlanta. Since their arrival, they have been one of the most sought after bands Atlanta has to offer. Water Seed delicately fuses New Orleans root funk and groove with today’s growing mode.


In August 2006 Water Seed let loose with their first EP, Two Words. Independently released, the
seven track EP has generated a ground swelling buzz to the tune of a 1,000 units sold in the first 6
months of this underground release. This co-ed ensemble possesses a brotherly and sisterly love that vibrates through each and every one of their songs. They have been referred to as “the group of brother/sister love”, “A band that represents harmony in a way that most bands try to achieve”, and the band to keep an eye on”. Now, at the peak of this buzz, the world is waiting, watching and listening. Water Seed ’s answer is the full length Wonder Love. Lou Hill, leader of the band, describes Wonder Love as “a collection of songs of love. Not just the love between man and women, but love for life, family, ancestors, the planet, the body, and the spirit. This CD creates a groove in your being and sends vibrations through your soul. Just invite your closest friends over, put this CD on and vibe to it.” Water Seed has a live show like no other. You can take the musician out of New Orleans, but you can’t take New Orleans out of the musician. It is no wonder this band is always in high demand. There has never been a show performed by Water Seed without the band breaking into those New Orleans street beats that we all love. Crowds can’t get enough of Water Seed’s live energy. Water Seed was changed by Hurricane Katrina and through this change they will reach the masses. Maybe Water Seed is on the fast track to stardom. Maybe Water Seed is just gaining momentum, but one thing is for sure; Water Seed is just getting started.


The Demo- Release Date 2000
The World is Closing In
Trust in Him
Tomorrow’s Light
Knowledge + Growth-Release 2003
Caught Up
Screen Door
The Way
The World is Closing In
Change Your Ways
What Makes Them Think
Be Strong
Water Seed Live in New Orleans- Release 2004
Two Words – Release Date 2006
I’m Tryin’
Dance in the Sunshine
I Need U
Stormy Weather
Pressin’ Remix
Love Somebody(instrumental)
More than Natural

Set List

two 45 minute sets