Our music is distinctive in that rich vocals are instantly recognisable and structurally there are never any rules. Supported by a unique piano style, electric riffs and keyboard hooks, our songs are attractive to a wide audience ..melodies which cling to your heart and never let go.



Bursting onto the scene with their first album in 2000; IN THE MEANTIME, Watershed scored with hit after hit on the rock/pop charts, this band has grown from strength to strength over the past 7 years. As a result of the support of South African and European fans, all three WATERSHED albums have had huge sales impact:

IN THE MEANTIME platinum album
MOSAIC platinum album

The 4th album is due for release in August! NEW ALBUM ‘ Staring at the Ceiling’

Recorded in Sheffield and London between January and June 2008, this is Watershed’s 4th album to date.
This album represents development of the band both from a songwriting and production point of view. EMI has given Watershed their full support by getting the buy in from some internationally acclaimed producers from the UK. Ali Thomson and Eliot Kennedy as well as Mark Hunter and Saul Davies (who worked on the 3rd album)
This culminates in arguably their best offering so far. ‘Staring At The Ceiling’ , is contemplative and reflective, dreaming and daring to dream. Melodic ‘acoustic piano rock’ forms the basis of the album. Story telling and a journey which takes the listener on a ‘Train ride’ from’ 9am on a Wednesday’ through ballads and into solid rock, there is something for everyone, which has always been the foundation of Watersheds ever growing support base– an ageless and timeless album you can listen to from track 1 to the end. ‘This is another chapter of our growth and learning - looking back over our career I can now see how this has been like building a house – from the foundations up. All along the way you get introduced to experts who offer opinions which you use or discard depending on the value they add to your bigger picture. Sure, there are mistakes made and things you would always do differently, but you end up with something that is unique and beautiful, that has grown from a vision that is entirely your own’ ‘Its been an honour to work with the guys we have been working with – thanks to the record company and ultimately the fans who have supported us, for giving us this privileged opportunity’



Written By: HINDS

You’re my little indigo girl, indigo eyes, indigo mind and you’re my little indigo girl, indigo smile, indigo frown
And I saw you crashing in, I saw you crack a smile, I want you to be mine tonight ‘cos you’re my little indigo girl, it’s a beautiful world, when you’re around

It’s a dream, it’s a love, tonight

‘Cos everynight I realise I need you close to me but everynight I compromise, I lie here all alone

I long for you my little indigo girl, it’s a beautiful world, you are the king and I’m the queen, my little indigo girl, it’s a beautiful world when you’re around

You are the queen, the queen of me, the queen of love, my lovely queen



My love, I wanna be by myself tonight, with you, I wanna know everything’s alright, I need hope, I need love, I need life with you for now…

Supposing that I write it in a note tonight, supposing that you find it by your bedside light, I’m hoping that it finds you A.O.K, I hope I say it right…my love…

With you, I wanna know all there is to know, about you, I wanna know the little things you do, where you go, when you dream, I need to know, you need me, but for now…

Supposing that you write it in a note tonight, supposing that I find it by my bedside light, I’m hoping that it will find me A.O.K, I know you’ll say it right…my love…



I belong to a hundred miles from anyone,
dreaming of my past along the shore.
It took a while to realise the burning side
of life alone and life to come from now.

All my instincts tell me that I need to know
what its like tumbling down.
Pretty minds and pretty thoughts control my life
and getting old is something we all know.

And whoever else thought it would be such a long time coming
holding on to a dream.

So I close my eyes and keep them tight for a real log time,
I close my eyes and hope that I’ll see you.
But you and I should roll the dice one last time,
‘cos the moment I hold you to me
is when I stop running.

The seven four seven is all mine tonight
I never look down I never look out at all,
I drive for one, I drink for two then I drive for three
Until I see a light shining down on me.


I won’t let you go
I need you to know this time
I won’t let you go, tonight…



April 2000 - In the Meantime
September 2003 - Wrapped in Stone
October 2005 - Mosaic
August 2008- Staring at the Ceiling

Set List

2 x 45min or 90 min - we don't usually do covers, however we have done a version of the Crosby, Stills and Nash hit "Southern Cross" which has been a hit in SA

Close my eyes
Paper cups
Far away
Monday train
Yesterday again
Return to me
Southern cross
Indigo girl
Shine on me
Fine way
Thank you
Come home with me