Waterstreet is a four-piece original rock band that is arguably one of the most talked about young bands in the mid-west. Their unique classic rock sound is respected by all ages and separates them from anything else heard on the scene.


WATERSTREET over the past few years has created an original, hard-rock sound that leaves their fans reminiscing of the glory days of Rock and Roll. Out of 8,000 un-signed bands in a national competition to go on tour with Motley Crue, WATERSTREET made it to the final 6 to audition in front of the Crue at a sold out Whisky A Go Go show in L.A. on Nov 10, 2008...Along with the Key Club in L.A., Milwaukee Summerfest, Taste of Chicago, opening slots for Tantric, Blue Oyster Cult, Gin Blossoms and Gregg Rollie & the Santana Band…
WATERSTREET’s recent successes are the result of an original sound that rocks everything else on the scene. All young members were raised on the greats of rock and roll, and went on to attend the top music schools in the nation.
Originally formed by the two front-men lead guitarists, Evan Hand and Joe Shadid, WATERSTREET has evolved into a 4 piece rock band with bassist Mike Crusen, and drummer Rob Gould. Their popularity in the midwest is growing at a rapid rate. The years of writing music and playing gigs has set WATERSTREET apart from many other bands their age. WATERSTREET fans run the gamut, from expert musicians to the most novice music fan. The band’s youth is key in connecting with a teen audience, while their knowledge of music attracts an older crowd who is impressed with the group’s classic sound. No matter where they perform, a person will never see an unenthusiastic live show by WATERSTREET.
The band recently worked with grammy nominated producer Rick Barnes at Rax Trax studios in Chicago, Il and recorded their new release "Meant For Thrills". With lots of hard work and support from everyone, the album is now complete and was released on 12/1/07. The caliber of musicianship, songwriting, and performance of this band generates a great amount of potential for all who do buisness with WATERSTREET.


"Meant For Thrills"
Released In Dec 1st 2007
11 original songs

---WXRT Chicago IL Local Anesthetic
---105.7 X Peoria IL Local Anesthetic

Set List

Depending on the venue, Waterstreet's typical set list consist of mostly all originals with a few covers here and there. Here are some original and cover songs performed live by Waterstreet. (*) = New Originals

Original Songs:

My Woman (4 min)
SAY (4 min)
At Ease (3min)
See Yourself Fall (4 min)
Curbside (6 min)
Layin It Down (4 min)
Weathered Blues (3min)
Aint No Change (4 min)
King of the Sun (3 min)
Stranded (5 min)
Come On Back* (4 min)
Kings & Queens* (4 min)
Bad Ending* (3min)
Old Soul* (4 min)
Dark Skin Queen* (5min)
Still Alive* (5min)
Good Sound* (3min)
Change Your Radio* (4min)
Chop Boom (5 min)
All That You Know (4 min)
Back Home (6 min)

Cover Songs:

Time-Pink Floyd
Runnin with the Devil- Van Halen
Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
Moby Dick-Led Zeppelin
Good Times Bad Times-Led Zeppelin
Ramble On-Led Zeppelin
Come Together- The Beatles
Soul Sacrifice-Santana
Evil Ways-Santana
Black Magic Woman-Santana
No Time-The Guess Who
No Sugar Tonight-