Water under Water

Water under Water


Water under Water is a four piece Alternative/Indie Rock band with a unique, yet easily accessible sound. Hailing from Northern New Jersey, the band plays anywhere, from dive bars to larger music venues. But wherever they play, they always offer the audience a pleasant surprise.


In just a few moments of close listening, you realize: this is how greatness begins. Think of any band with staying power that’s developed and refined its music over the years. If that band were just starting up today, they’d sound like Water Under Water. It’s all here: the fluid, ethereal guitar of Max Michaels weaving through the complex, driving bass laid down by Chris Brooks, the pulsing driving percussion of Ian Thomas, and the haunting, edgy, melodic yet disturbing vocals of Joel Friedrich.

Unlike the many forgettable local bands on the scene today, this band doesn’t exist to enrich local music stores. These are consummate professionals. With songs such as The Thrill, the band meshes simple harmonies with odd time signatures and a lurking underlay of strange synthesized guitar. Turning a respectful ear to the past with songs like I’m Breathing Fine, the band can be all out rock; from a wall of sound to a melodic bridge to full relaxation terminating in full closure with a proper ending.

What makes the sound all the more remarkable is the relatively brief time the group has had to work together. Yet their individual styles and talents have jelled, pulling from influences as varied as Gorilla Biscuits, Mars Volta, Iron Maiden, and Mr. Bungle, to form a unique musical presence as impressive as it is promising. You cannot wait to see what this self-described group of borderline psychotics bent on musical world domination, will be capable of the more they work together. Like their name, Water under Water is constantly evolving, constantly flowing in new directions. This is one group you’ll want to watch.


Water under Water E.P. - Self Released - 2005

Set List

Mouth and Fingers
I'm Breathing Fine
Follow The Firetrucks
The Thrill
Hotel Montreal
Champagne On Ice
Nuclear Fission Is A Bitch
Some Kind Of Devil
X-Wing Fighter

This is a typical 45 minute set from Water under Water.