Watson Park

Watson Park


Watson Park is a high energy pop/rock band quickly gaining recognition in the Cincinnati area by playing with bands like Mayday Parade and The Academy Is...


Watson Park has reinvented themselves with their latest release "Maine to California" and boosted themselves to the top of the Cincinnati scene. Here is what the press is saying about Watson Park:

MidPoint Music Festival Appearance Write Up:

With a sound tailor-made for Pop/Rock radio, this young area band has already lived a couple of lifetimes in its short time together. The group had to take a lengthy break when drummer Nate Staggs was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than wallow, the band reconvened a couple of years ago with a new sense of purpose, releasing their EP Maine to California on April 4th 2009. They've also dedicated themselves to raise money for cancer-related charities. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger? Watson Park lives that. Don't expect them to be unsigned this time next year.


"Maine to California" E.P. - released April 4, 2009

The band has 2 other releases but underwent a lineup change, move, and reinvention for "Maine to California" and thus considers this to be their debut release.

Set List

Watson Park typically plays between 6 and 8 song sets. They mainly play their own original music, but also have a cover that they regularly perform.