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Wattson is the lyricist's lyricist. Forget the stereotypes, the thug living, the stigmas, this is hip-hop to its core. An intelligent emcee is here to shout his message from the highest soapbox!


Wattson grew up with a jazz and classical background in the north suburbs of Chicago. He found rap in the dorm rooms of Washington University in St. Louis in 2001, where students from across the map were opening his eyes to Atmosphere, Black Star, Sage Francis, Hieroglyphics, and whole slews of conscious artists

Wattson deftly maneuvers in between the raw and the esoteric. Being a college educated, musically trained emcee with the skills to thrive and the heart and motivation to carry out his musical aspirations, Wattson is primed to make a name for himself in the Chicago scene. Prior to striking out solo, Wattson played sax, rapped, and managed a 6-piece live instrumentation hip-hop band Sac Lunch, which won multiple band competitions as well as opened for such artists such as Soul Position (RJD2 and Blueprint), Better Than Ezra, Talib Kweli and Busta Rhymes.


- Appeared on Guerrila Radio Vol. 1, Vol. 3, and Best Of Mixtapes (approx. 500 distr.)
- Appeared on DJ Trackstar's Dollar Mix Series Vols 1-4 and the *Discipline* mixtape (over 5,000 distr. to date w/ $ mix vol. 4 to be released mid-March)
- Appeared on Outflow Production's "Inner Section" mixtape (approx. 800 distr.)
- Sac Lunch EP released 2003 (200 distr.)
- Whodunnit? EP released 2004 (100 distr.)
- Sac Lunch LP released 2005 (500 distr.) available on iTunes.

Set List

no covers. Sets typically range between 10-30 minutes. Songs include "New Order", "Keep Searchin'", "Catch Up", "I'm Late", "Stay Focused", etc.