Pisa, Tuscany, ITA

"Mathrock and prog hand in hand with
hardcore. Definitely something worth it."


Genre: Post Hardcore
Origin: Pisa, Italy
My Space site: www.myspace.com/watzlawickband

Band Members:
Luca Cantini (vocals), Filippo Cosci (bass, ,backing vocals, effects), Luca Federighi (guitar), Vanni Anguillesi (Drums).

Watzlawick are a four-piece Post-Core band based in Pisa, Italy.
They deliver a blend of huge riffs, mathemical grooves and cathartic landscapes; by combining these elements they create a sort of musical nonmodel where is the listener to decide how to interpret Watzlawick's message.
Watzlawick was formed in January 2009; during their first year they played over 30 gigs and released several interviews on webzines and local radios.
On January 1st, 2010 Watzlawick released their first EP "Prologue", totally self-produced, followed by plenty of web-promotion and a minitour in Ireland.
Now they're working on their first album containing eleven brand new songs, that is set to be released in 2011.
Watzlawick planned to enter Studio 73 (Ephel Duath, At the Soundawn, The Secret) to record the new album in June 2011.


• Signed with Watchtower Booking Agency

• Irish mini-tour (3 shows) in May 2010

• Over 50.000 views on Youtube channel

• Featured compilations:
(promoted by This is Core Music - Wynona Records sublabel) with Helia, If I Die Today,
RentoKill, Red Light Flash etc.
- “SOUNDZ LIKE NOIZE” (promoted by NoizeItalia, 2010 Top Bands)


• Radio Interviews:
Riserva Indie (Contatto Radio – Popolare Network, Carrara), Trainspotters (RadioGas, Prato), Sidekick (Punto Radio, Cascina - PI).

• “Featured Artist” on ReverbNation.com from December 16th to 23rd.

• 2 songs selected in "Qoob Choice" by QOOBTv
(Webmedia for MTVItaly).

• “Mike Cameo Indies' Top 10 Rock” (podcast
from Cincinnati, OH) featured several
Watzlawick's songs and rewarded “Prologue” EP
as “Indies' Top 10 Album”.

• “Sanremo anche noi” showcased “Prologue” EP
on myspace and is now featuring news and songs
from Watzlawick.



Written By: Watzlawick

Who's there?
What do you want from me?
Please, please shut down
I don't wanna talk with you
Please shut down
I told you to shut down that ***


Cold is the sand of the desert in my head
The sun never rises in my heart
Only wind that like a whisper makes me feel so cold
Makes me feel so cold


Your face stands out in the sea of my faults
I've been one step close to the aim

You've kissed my lips so many times, that I wish that yours could be a part of me, Like your soul embraced to mine
Embrace me forever, forever


Your face stands out in the sea of my faults
I've been one step close to the aim


I got no answers
I feel the reasons
Of this will I have
This will I am
Another grain that shapes the rules

See you now
All around
Can't you leave me and let me be
Free from your hollow smile
Ties me to a painful being

Fade to Blue

Written By: Watzlawick

Sometimes i wish i could
Unplug my unconscious
Lay my thoughts above sheets of paper

And set them on fire
From the ash i'll figure out a change
To something new and different
Something that cannot hurt me

Sometimes I can recall things my mind just forgets
Sometimes I feel a pain that doesn't exist
It harms me more than anything else around me

And leaves my thoughts empty
With no hope i can figure out a change
To something new and different
Something that i choose for me

I'll figure out
My own change
I choose for me
I choose for me

Is it still like
Yesterday and i
Let papers burn
Fading to red the sky
Maybe this time
I'll paint my sky
On papers colored just blue and white

The past then just forget

Is it still like yesterday under that red sky?
Stands over me sorrounding me
Or maybe this time i'll paint my sky with shades of blue and white


Prologue Ep - 2010