Aberdeen, Scotland, GBR

WaveForceTrauma is an example of Relaxing, smooth Drum & Bass and Dance, likened to the faster more melodic style found in artists such as London Elektricity and DJ Netsky, but dabbles in all styles of electronic dance music, from Dubstep to Trance.


Up and coming Chilled Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Dance producer who is a mere 17 years old, I have only been producing for 6 months or so, but am already beginning to diversify and expand into DJ'ing and am looking for local venues to perform at. I've released a few singles & remixes that are free to download on soundcloud, but am in no way a pro....yet.


As to date WaveForceTrauma has only released a few WIP sets remixes and singles to the public for comments and criticism, and is hoping to release his debut EP entitled "Running Jump" which will contain two tracks later this year.

Set List

A pre-prepared and planned out DJ set, featuring exciting and innovative Dance artists and tracks, including my own songs and prerecorded sets that is tailored for maximum energy and frenetic performance throughout the whole of the set. Mainly aimed at the younger generation, WFT is no normal wedding DJ!