Wave hands like clouds

Wave hands like clouds



Wave hands like clouds is Aaron Oberlin and Tyler Norton.
Tyler began his musical journey in middle school performing in
various punk bands. At fifteen, he started learning guitar and began playing

more folk influenced music, which lead him into various solo and
co-operative musical adventures. During this time Tyler and a few
friends even established and ran (or maintained?) a record label (name of record label) for a brief period.
At sixteen he discovered electronic music and has been
trying his hand at it ever since. As he grew older the idea of
combining song writing and electronic endeavors, while

introducing elements of avant/noise/psychedelic music lead him to
projects like; Brown Paper Kites and Gingerinjun. Both projects saw a

heavy emphasis on using ground-breaking sounds and
novel ideas for music making. All of these experiences contributed to his deep

understanding of home recording and songwriting methods.
Aaron’s music career began in (where in colorado?) Colorado making albums under the name; A

Soil Horizon. This electronic music was focused highly on creating
landscapes in which a world of emotion took center stage. His first
release “The Fences That Surround Forests� acted as a call to arms for the

musician, a starting ground, and a moment of inspiration to pursue new
ways to convey the unspeakable. The electronic community recieved it warmly,

and within a month of its completion, the Chicago net label

I/O had released it for digital download. After gaining a bit of
experience collaborating with fellow musicians on I/O, Aaron set out
on his second ASH endeavor, which took fruition as the “Blurring The
Borders EP “. The evolution of the sounds, the new textures and the
underlying hip-hop structure on ‘Blurring the Borders’ paved the way
for a collaborative political hip-hop album called “Snow In Baghdad�
Aaron made the beats and produced the album, and band mate Robert C.S.
wrote lyrics and rapped about a global concern for tomorrow. Upon
finishing Snow In Baghdad’s “Orchids for Urchins�, Aaron left Colorado
and headed for TX.
The pair met in spring of 2008 at the Houston art collective, The Nest,

when Aaron came to Texas looking for new horizons. In the months to
follow, they began to learn the dynamics of creating and playing
together through many impromptu music sessions and various art
projects. These times were quite formative for both musicians, as they
learned to reference and combine many of their past influences and
experiences in new ways.
After parting ways at “The Nest�, Tyler left Houston and made the move
to Austin, and Aaron moved into the Museum District of Houston. where
he created his most recent ASH released “In The Company Of Daylight�
In April of 2009, Wave Hands Like Clouds was formed through the
exchange of small parts of ideas, which would be sent back and forth
via file sharing. Often these clips would begin through live improve
recordings of the two, These ideas were then re worked and sent back
and forth gaining more and more momentum. Near the end of September of
2009 the album, ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Things We’ll Change’ was
complete. The album is a call to embrace the future, as uncertain as
it may be. This is reflected through a sprawl of field recordings, pots

and pans, electronic drips, subconscious vocals and folk instruments.
As a whole, the album shows the process of embracing and synthesizing
the nature we come from mother nature and the technology we create.


Don't Be Afraid of the Things We'll Change