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Vallejo, California, United States | SELF

Vallejo, California, United States | SELF
Band Jazz Latin


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"Review of "Masarap" by Mark Kirby"

Jazz comes in many flavors. Whether we're talking about straight ahead jazz, avant garde jazz, or jazz rock fusion, each type has its own rules and a fervent audience, including critics, that thinks that they hold the holy grail, the "one true jazz." At the same time, each type of jazz has absorbed a myriad of influences and constantly revitalizes and reinvents itself. This truth has not stopped virtually all jazz writers and critics, and many of the music's fans, from uniting in their disdain for what is called smooth jazz. And yet this music gets more airplay and sells more records than most forms of jazz and is loved by audiences.

Smooth jazz, as far as radio and the media are concerned, is like the traditional or avant garde strains of this music - new artists face difficulty when they want to break through. This lack of exposure is equal to starving the goose that lays the golden eggs. Without fresh new talent, the music will fossilize and become an endless play list of old records.

In response to this we are proud to put you, dear readers, on the same wavelength with Wavelength and their new release, Masarap (delicious). This group creates smooth jazz that incorporates pop, Latin music, funk and soul. Unlike some artists, they also avoid being so smooth as to be lifeless and covered with a lacquer sheen. Too much sugar can, after all, make you sick.

Originally formed in 1980, with a lineup that has changed over the years, the gravitas of Wavelength's smooth sounds come, not surprisingly, from their individual musical backgrounds. Keyboardist and leader Ferdinand Magallanes began his foray into music listening to rock (Cream, Hendrix). While in college, he got into funk, R&B, Latin music, Brazilian music, and jazz. He later became influenced by the jazz rock fusion movement of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Musicians are influenced by their playing experiences even more than what they listen to. Guitarist Ron Smith, for example, is extensively influenced by Wes Montgomery and George Benson. His love of soul and R&B comes from working with soul diva Pattie Labelle, George Howard, and the most slept on funk and R&B group ever, Frankie Beverly and Maze. Second Guitarist Jason Stewart has roots in blues and rock. He has played extensively with numerous bands within the Bay Area. Drummer Bobby Gaviola has been a San Francisco Bay Area staple for years and has roots in the Latin rock scene in San Francisco's Mission District.

Bassist Jeff Cox is also a San Francisco native who had extensive rock influences throughout high school (Hendrix, Yardbirds, Cream, etc.). Later on, he started playing jazz, R&B, Latin music and funk. Trumpet Player and horn arranger Michael Galisatus has roots in jazz and funk, interest in Zydeco, and training in classical music. He has played and recorded with the legendary percussionist and band leader Pete Escovedo. After breaking up in the late '80s to attend to their families, Wavelength decided to reform in the new millennium. Clearly, this band has paid their dues, and it is their vast experience and knowledge that give their music its variety and spunky, funky energy.

Though quite varied, the songs have a signature quality. The cut "Dream Come True" is mellow jazz at its best. A strong but laid back drum beat starts off and is answered by keyboard, bass and guitar. The saxophone picks up the evocative tune, then defers to the guitar, which weaves a solo around the melody. These songs are not background music, although "My One and Only Love" is a slow jam that sounds fresh, yet could be on a collection of classics. The tune evokes a feeling of sweetness, hope, and nostalgia, yet has enough grit to avoid cloying sentimentalism. Though very much in the vein of pop music, it is nicely arranged and intelligently played. Pop music, it should be remembered, doesn't have to be stupid, crass or smell like teen spirit.

The cuts "Bliss," with its funky groove and hum-along melody played by the saxophone and chime-tinged keyboard, and "Sweet Remembrance," a nostalgia-producing piano and synthesizer dominated song, are also in this vein of instrumental jazz. The Latin-tinged "Bailar Finale" could be the theme song to a long forgotten French or Italian romantic comedy. The warm flugelhorn of Mike Galisatus and the percussion of Victor Nolasco remind one of the music of Herb Alpert or the film scores of Francis Lai. Once again, this song shows what is almost always missing from these days: a strong melody. It also shows what jazz could use more of: simplicity of expression and melodies one can hum.

Don't think you'll be falling asleep or constantly wanting to make out to this record. The fire is present on "La Noche," a salsa-spiced song. The melody is carried by synthesizer, which is then handed off to a barrio chorus of male voices. The highlight of the piece is the blazing Santana-style guitar solo by Jason Stewart. The fire gets even hotter on the title track, "Masarap." This number blends Latin, funk, and a soulful melody, backed by the bass work of Jeff Cox, which is solid throughout the CD, lead guitarist Ron Smith and the lively percussion of Victor Nolasco. Sax player Bobby Rawlings, who has played with such musicians as Dizzy Gillespie, The Inkspots and Martha Reeves and regularly shares the stage with Wavelength, is featured throughout the CD, including Dream Come True, Bliss, Trash Talk, and Two of Us Together.

Wavelength is a strong presence in the strong Bay Area jazz scene, playing at festivals and other venues. They don't play clubs, however. "We seldom play at clubs due to the size of our group, 11 pieces for the full band," said Mr. Magallanes. "We have not performed as a group outside of the US, although our music is heard all over the world through online stations, cable channels, and terrestrial radio. I know we are aired in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Guam." All they need is Africa, China and South America and Wavelength will have conquered the world.

On their CD Masarap (delicious), Wavelength represents smooth, soulful jazz to the fullest. Buy it, and if someone wants to borrow it, tell 'em "No, my brother, you gotsta get your own."

- Musicdish

"Wavelength CD Masarap by Katrina Wheeler"

Featured Artist: Wavelength

CD Title: Masarap (delicious)

Year: 2005

Record Label: RLG

Style: Fusion

Musicians: Ferdinand Magallanes (keyboards, vocals, composer, producer), Ron Smith (guitars), Bobby Gaviola (drums), Jeffrey Cox (bass), Mike Galisatus (trumpet, flugelhorn), Jason Stewart (guitars), Bobby Rawlings (sax), Lianni Castro (back vocals), Victor Nolasco (percussion), Oscar Estrella (chant vocals), Paul “Dolor” Samson (bass), Steve Feierabend (sax), Derek James (trombone), Mitchell Chernock (lyrics)

Review: Wavelength offers the listener many different styles from the palette of the jazz genre. Each member brings their own cultural experiences and musical preferences to the project and this is evident through the wide array of styles showcased from jazz, R&B, rock, funk and soul. This album took almost two years to make through the hard work and dedication of the core members of this band. This band has been together for over 15 years. Core members have opened, recorded, and performed with Sapo, Patti Labelle, George Benson, Maze, Cold Blood, Malo, The Tempations, 4 Tops, Jorge Santana and numerous others. Wavelength consists of accomplished musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area this is reflected in this album. The various influences of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene are audible on this project.
The album "Masarap(delicious)" starts off on a high note, with “Bliss,” which segues into “Dream Come True.” Both are energetic and vibrant songs. “LaNoche” and “My One and Only Love” are slower songs with a romantic feel to them. “Bailar Finale” and “Two of Us Together” are brilliant tracks with smooth guitar riffs. Paul Samson on bass adds to the overall intimate melody. The title track, “Masarap,” is up-tempo and has a distinctive Latin flare. The mood shifts to that of romance with “My Timeless Treasure” with heartfelt vocals by Ferdinand Magallanes. “By Your Side” highlights Ferdinand Magallanes beautiful keyboard playing, accompanied with background vocals by Lianni Castro. The following track, “Trash Talk,” is a smooth track which showcases Bobby Rawlings on sax over Magallanes on keyboards. The album ends on a high note with “Sweet Remembrance” dedicated to Magallanes’ departed mother-in-law.

Congratulations are in order to Wavelength. This album took almost two years to make. It was well worth it. This album should be a part of every jazz lover’s collection. The various styles showcased on this album truly are enchanting!

Tracks: Bliss, Dream Come True, LaNoche, My One and Only Love, Bailar Finale, Two of Us Together, Masarap, My Timeless Treasure, By Your Side, Trash Talk, Sweet Remembrance

Artist's Website: http://wavelength.fmcompserve.com

Reviewed by: Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

- ejazznews

"CD Review of "Cruzin the Music Highway" by Paul Donnelly"

Looking at the cd cover suggests that these guys want to cover as many musical angles as they can. Signs saying jazz, funk, rock, latin & r&b litter their particular highway. Even on the promo sheet they list each track according to its relative genre(s). So it looked potentially a bit of a mixed bag to me.

One of my pet hates is the "ballad" and there are a couple of those here, so I'll gloss over them, if you don't mind, and concentrate on what I feel are the real strengths of the band. Instrumentally, they are tight and know how to build upon a groove, as on the title track, where Ferdinand Magallanes their composer and keyboard man lays out a series of funky breaks. Guitarist Oscar Estrella trades juicy licks with him too. The quartet are augmented by horns on "Sigurado", a jazz/funk workout that again features the guitar/keyboard soloists on good form. Mention ought to be made of the excellent rhythm section too, since they fuel this vehicle with ease and power to spare.
I do like guitars and Estrella turns his hands to some ringing, rock-influenced runs on the Latin jazz of "Teardrops Fall" and the jazzrock of "Space Flight". There is even a spot of what the promo calls "George Benson style guitar" on "Sunday By Tumon Bay", though this time it's from Ron Smith. I don't need to describe it, you can hear it, can't you ? Music for late afternoons in the sun with something cool to drink ! We're having something of a heat wave in England right now, so this is very appropriate.
There are also a couple of tracks that feature other instrumental soloists. "Sorry Sadness" falls into the smooth/Latin jazz groove and uses Mike Galisatus' flugelhorn to add extra colour as well as showcasing more of that fluid Magallanes electric piano. For "Sunset Drive" they retain the Latin feel with brass and some airy flute work from Alex Murzyn. Needless to say you can't keep the guitar and keys quiet on this exhilarating workout. That's fine by me. I like the way they sound.
So, my aversion to ballad stylings aside, this is a fine set of instrumentals, ideal, as the title suggests, for driving down the highway of your choice.

Paul Donnelly
- ejazznews

"Cruzin the Music Highway review by Mary rudy"

Wavelength has more than what is necessary to soothe every music style you may want to hear, right off the beginning of the 'Cruzin' The Music Highway' CD you will find the 'From Now On' tune that contains outstanding vocals backed by rock combined jazz-touched, tempo beats which seemed to flutter through the air and will wind up in the soul of their listeners.

When Wavelength's rhythm section, guitar and vocals meet, the sound captures your inner soul and then mixes with the superb melodies that is meant for everyone. The intricate-but-unfussy arrangements (as well as the gently pulsing rhythms), glides through an interesting array of material. Wavelength is more than capable of digging deep for some heartfelt tunes on this CD. And now for the names of those guys playing with your heart and soul: Ferdinand Magallanes - keyboards/vocals, Oscar Estrella - acoustic/electric guitars, Marcus Lopez - electric & baby bass, Bobby Gaviola - drums.

If you are looking for some jazzy sounds intertwined with hot guitars and a rhythm section that breathes every beat mixed with the hot keyboard action, then 'Cruzin' The Music Highway' CD is the perfect album for you.

** 'Sunset Drive' is an upbeat drivin' latino overtone sounds, that totally rock. ** 'Two of Us Together' has a rhythm and blues sound that will groove you on and on.
** 'Teardrops Fall' has Santana sounds that are clear-crisp and hot with guitar riffs.

You definitely would need to hear for yourself, this cd's engineering sounds are out of this world. These group of musicians that has put their all into this cd project can be seen at their website: http://wavelength.fmcompserve.com , do yourself a favor and purchase this cd while you are in the Wavelength website and give it a spin.

Muzik Reviewz
Mary Rudy

- Muzikreviewz.com


CD "Cruzin the Music Highway" 2003 had the cut "Sunday by Tumon Bay" chart at #1 for 7 weeks in the Smooth Jazz genre as monitored by Radiowave Monitoring Service. This cut was also #2 for all of 2004 only to be outcharted by Chris Botti. A second cut titled "Sorry Sadness" also came in at #2 for several weeks and was #20 overall for 2004.
CD "Masarap" released in 2005 also had numerous cuts chart in the top 10 at various Internet radio stations in 2005 to the present.
CD "Keep it Going" is due for release 2010.



The group Wavelength offers the perceptive listener many different styles and textures from the colorful palette of the jazz genre to enjoy. Their diversity is shaped by the melting pot created out of the various cultural and musical backgrounds which each core member brings to the band. Add to that exciting mix contributing artists who themselves hail from around the world, and you have a unique Wavelength sound that cannot be easily pegged. Wavelength is led by Ferdinand Magallanes, keyboardist, composer, vocalist, and producer. He writes and arranges the music on Wavelength's CDs. Wavelength core members consists of a group of veteran musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area music scene who have played together separately in the past, but have now collaborated to form Wavelength. Members have played/shared the stage with the likes of Patti Labelle, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Malo, Sapo, Pete Escovedo and many others. We combine Latin, R&B, Jazz, and Adult Contemporary music to give the listener a melodic and dynamic sound. Wavelength has been influenced by groups and artists such as Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, Santana, Spyrogyra, The Rippingtons, Stevie Wonder, Fourplay and Chic Corea among many others. The wide range of musical styles fused by Wavelength within the Jazz, Funk, R&B, Latin and Adult contemporary genres sets this group apart from others.