Wave Pool

Wave Pool


Combining Rock, Acoustic Rock and a dash of Folk Rock, and an enjoyably new and powerful voice. Great lyrics, hooks, and melodies that pull the listener in, wanting more.


Wave Pool has one main member, Chad Holland, who considers himself mainly a singer/song writer. He says the name Wave Pool best represents what his music is, a wave pool of thought, melody, inspiration, heart and sound. Wave Pool’s sound is a combination of rock, acoustic rock, and a dash of folk rock. Holland’s great lyrics, melodies and hooks, with an enjoyably powerful new voice, draw the listener in leaving you wanting more.

Holland began playing guitar during high school while living in North East Arizona on the Navajo Indian Reservation where his mother taught elementary school. It was there that Holland felt he was almost forced to find himself and playing guitar and songwriting quickly became his form of expression and way to interpret the world and his place in it.

After high school Holland and his mother moved back to Utah where they had lived prior to his high school years. Over the next few years Holland continued to write songs and later recruited long time friend and accomplished drummer, Jared Ragozzine, to work together to record the debut Wave Pool album, Carpe Diem. The album was written, produced, and recorded by Holland. Carpe Diem was released in December of 2007.

Carpe Diem features Jon Chase, a known associate of Ragozzine's, who was invited to join in on the rhythm section on bass guitar. A number of songs also features pianist Lani Marie Hyer.

Holland moved to New York City in the summer of 2008 to continue pursuing his musical aspirations, where he has continued writing songs and has a new album project under way, soon to record in New York.

Wave Pool has been said to have some similar sounds to bands like Tonic, Five For Fighting, Ben Folds Five, but with a sound all their own. Sited influences include Goo Goo Dolls, Lifehouse, Simon and Garfunkel, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sarah McLaughlin, Jewel, Tracy Chapman and others.



Written By: Chad Holland

I made up my mind, I’m on my own.
The life I now live, is my own.
I’m taking the risk, don’t fight what you feel
One life to live, making it real.
Fear’s hot on your trail, don’t let it steal your dreams
Things aren’t always quite what they seem
Give me a chance that’s all I ask for
Give me this dance, risking my heart once more.

And when it rains I won’t feel blue
And when it storms I won’t feel gray
‘Cause when it rains you are my rainbow
When it’s gray you’re my shelter from the storm.

I’m about to have another dream
I’m trying to discover what this life means
I need another vision to set me free
Sometimes all we’ve got is faith you see.


I’m about to have another dream
But this one is bigger than ever before
The best things in life don’t come easily
The best thing being your love for me.


Twinkling of an Eye

Written By: Chad Holland

Standing on the outside with your focus in
You suddenly realize love’s no sin.
Your love for her, her love for you
Is greater than you both.
Opening up isn’t easy you know
You risk so much when you open that door.
What will she say, if you tell her
She’s the greatest love of your life?

In the Twinkling of an eye
Your love will change.
Like the blossoming of a rose
Your love will bloom.
But it’s up to you not to her
You’ve got to take the risk and let her into your heart.

It’s been so long since she fell in love
But now here it is, what does she do?
If you let him in, your love will begin
To be greater then you both.

But it's up to you not to him
You've got to take the risk and let him into your heart.

There’s not much left here for me to say
You know how I feel, inside anyway.
We’ve got to take the risk and let love in.
And it will blossom when we begin
In the Twinkling of an eye
The Twinkling of an eye

But it's up to us not to them
We've got to take the risk and let love into our heart.
…To Our Heart, to our heart, to our heart.


LP - Carpe Diem
Singles - "Shelter" and "Twinkling of an Eye" which can be heard at www.myspace.com/wavepool