Waves and Raditiation

Waves and Raditiation


Instrumental Space Rock. Eno's bad dreams, wet with effects and feedback screaming in your face all set to a solid beat.


Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Waves and Radiation is the byproduct of four guys, one barn, and multiple problematic and ancient instruments. They evolved out of a bedroom drones project in mid 2006 and have recently won local acclaim, being voted as top Experimental band by the Tacoma Weekly Volcano. Preferring to keep their guitars as wet with effects as their native town of Tacoma is with rain, they write longwinded dark songs mired in moods instead of plot. Their first EP titled "The Endless Struggle With our Ancient Equipment" was self produced, recorded and mastered in the band's practice space and various local bedrooms and was available through their website or for free at their shows. The EP is currently out of print. The boys finished recording their first full length "Whom the Gods Notice They Destroy" at Tacoma's Sound West Recording with Mike Corvin in September. It was mixed and Mastered by the band and will be available at all shows. The new LP is a culmination of everything recorded and written through the first year and a half of the band's existence with a few new surprises to give a view of where the band's sound will progress in the future.


The Endless Struggle With Our Ancient Equipment
The First Five Black Sabbath Albums

Whom The Gods Notice They Destroy

Set List

Our typical set includes 4-5 songs with ambient improvised bits sparkled hear and there. The set is designed to have peaks and pitfalls for your heart and always ends on an epic note. Waves and Radiation sets can last from 30 minutes to several hours depending on what is needed.