Waves of the Mind

Waves of the Mind

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopWorld

Waves of the Mind comes with that classic Mind Mover sound. Hard hitting beats from producers like Phreewil and Dead Noise. Lyrics that cover all realms of the spectrum from political raps and word play to love and comedy. These revoutionary emcees will change your world!


Waves of the Mind is a project spawned from 4 entities of the Mind Movers. This trio of emcees are seasoned veterans, bringing 7 years of studio and stage experience to the table. As a part of the Mind Movers, Waves of the Mind has played major venues across the country from Seattle and California on the west coast to New York and Boston on the east coast. Spending the last seven years in Seattle, Waves of the Mind has worked with, performed with and woven themselves into the fabric of the Seattle Hip Hop scene.

Inkubiz is the vet of the crew. Fifteen years of writing manifested into one man's style, Inkubiz brings consistently solid hard hitting raps, a raspy east coast style and high energy to any performance. The man is a beast on the stage!

Khanfidenz is the youngest of the crew. But don't get it twisted, Gengis Khanfidenz is a dope lyricist with an explosive delivery and many call him the future of the Mind Movers. He captivates the crowd with his great voice and high energy.

Mic Flont is the counter style to the east coast styles of Inkubiz and Khanfidenz. Mic Flont aka Rue Won is known for his quick-witted, double time, west coast style and politically based lyrics. He also adds a little experimental twist to the crew with his unorthodox cadence changes.

Phree Wil is one of the fastest rising producers in Seattle and is the mastermind behind the beats and production of this project. His style of beats cannot be pigeon holed and many call him the most diverse producer in Seattle.

Waves of the Mind will be dropping their self-titled album in 2010.


Mind Movers Vol. 1 (2001)LP
Mind Movers Vol. 2 1/2 (2001)LP
Phlamabolz Global Warming (2002)LP
Oxymorons (self-titled) (2002)LP
Robosapiens (self-titled) (2002)EP
Mind Movers Mind Menuvers (2002)LP
Free Lunch Theory Mixtape (2003)LP
Minerals Project (self-titled) (2003)LP
Project Mayhem Mixtape (2004)LP
Free Lunch Theory: Back For Seconds (2004)LP
The Flont Files Pirate Radio (2005)LP
Sum Cutz Mixtape (2006)EP
Keep it Simple Mixtape (2006)EP
Think Tank Compilation (2007)
Summer's End (2008) Phreewil
Love or Fate (2008) DJ B-Girl

Set List

Waves of the Mind sets are flexible based on your needs. They can perform anywhere from a single song to a two-hour set.

Solo sets available as well.