Wave Steady

Wave Steady

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

This is a band that embraces all styles of music to mold an ever changing sound that goes way beyond your common radio sound. Growing up in the midwest gives a band like Wave Steady the opportunity to develop independently from other artists while still appealing to the likes of all music listeners


Wave Steady is masterminded by the likes of two individuals from the humble and small town of Clinton, MO. In the early spring of 2009, good friends Skyler Browning and Stanton Loman set out to form a band out of Kansas City. Soon added to the line up was long time and good friend Dylan Star, followed by tryouts that landed Ryan Davis and Larry Young. The collaboration of so many different influenced musicians gives way to a cross-pollination of sounds ranging from Radiohead to Lovedrug. This is a tight group of guys bonded by a common mission to conquer the world and have a good time doing it.

Set List

We typically play a 45 minute set consisting of all originals.