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Yonkers, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Yonkers, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop





Wavii – Gold
What comes to your mind when you think of the town Yonkers? Is it DMX, home to some of the hardest rappers in the game or what about the flow? We are here to say that Yonkers now has some new talent that goes by the name of Wavii and we can say he definitely has a great flow. In today’s music that might be rare. Since the 2018 era … music has been considered mumble rap. This is where we stay up-to-date with the hottest artist to bring you true hip-hop. Now the video he has is great and is set in a school classroom with many different camera angles plus a few hot ladies (that should be in thevixenmagazine) GOLD is the video that everyone should watch. Accompanied by a great beat this song has already hit close to 5000 views on YouTube!!! Overall we give Wavii and his single Gold a solid B+ and hope that he will be back!! It is even said the magazine SNVLIFE may feature him since he is based in NEW YORK! - https://ny2laradio.com/wavii-may-have-a-hit-on-his-hands-with-gold/

"The Ratings Game"

Wavii is living the dream right now! He is a college student who is also a musician that has started up a label (The Fly Go Gettaz) that features a collection of singers and rappers that are on a mission to turn the rap game upside down (Thank God, because that s**t started to burn on one side). With success comes riches, and in “Gold,” Wavii’s newest single, he documents some of his own riches.

Backed by this vibrant trap instrumental that does a great job of testing your speakers manhood, Wavii glows, gifting us with this lively performance that has him singing daringly and rapping boisterously. With the topic of the song revolving around shining by all means necessary, you can hear this level of energy from the Yonkers, NY rapper that is flat out inspiring to listen to… I mean, s**t, we should all want to shine too, right?

Make sure you check out Wavii’s “Gold” at the top of the page. It definitely has some knock to it! -


Yonkers emcee Wavii recently dropped his latest single ‘Gold’ which showcases why he’s no stranger to the hip-hop game.

A second generation New York hip-hop star is aligned with a multi-talented collective known as Fly Go Gettaz. The crew, who is currently in Austin, TX for SXSW is trying to make waves outside of New York.

The latest single and video shows a lighter and fun side to the Yonkers artist, and brings a fresh perspective to the region which is known for some of the top hip-hop emcees such as Jadakiss, Black Rob, and DMX. -


Wavii is the co-founder of The Fly Go Gettaz, which is a multi-talented collective involving singers and rappers from New York City. Wavii intends to bring a new perspective to his listeners.

Wavii’s track titled “Gold” has a music video which was shot by CHDProduction. The

video is in a classroom setting of people in detention. Setting up the story line with a short

introduction scene, the song then jumps into a heavy beat and solid verse. High school is

something that everyone had to go through and can relate to so, seeing this video brings back a

kind of nostalgia of teenage rebellion. The scenes transition from the classroom to cafeteria and

driving in a car. Wavii has a fun vibe in this song and brings fresh sounds to the music scene.

Wavii certainly has a charm to him which makes his tracks more appealing and an instant bob.

The story line of the video is fun and sweet as we see that by the end he ends up talking to girl,

but with a twist since we see that he was actually asleep the whole time dreaming up the whole

scene. Wavii brings feel good music, with stunning visuals and a spot on your playlists! -


GOLD - Released Feb/2019



A young artist looking to not only make an imprint in this rap game but looking to find a home cause he’s going to be here for a while is Wavii. Hailing from Yonkers, NY Jay C aka Wavii once stated in an interview “I’m not here for a good time, I’m trying to be here for a long time” which is what he intends to show by consistently providing listeners with good music. Wavii as a youth was heavily influenced by hip hop through his father who was a Rapper as well. He was able to open doors with a ground-breaking cypher featuring other Yonkers artist; which hometown legend Styles P and DJ Funk Flex shared on twitter. His persistence to show his talents is what has gotten him notoriety and will be what gets him through the right doors. With nods of approval from DJ Red Alert and his father Ikey C he is determined to show his greatness through his artistry.

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