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The best kept secret in music


"Fan Mail and Reviews"


Rarely do you see a band with so much energy on stage that it makes
them stand out the way Waxapples does. Not only are do they poses some great songs but the are also truly talented musicians. Solid songs that have a comforting familiarity to them that you can almost say that you have loved this song for a long time, even if it is your first time seeing them.

On a professional level these guys are great. Proactive and willing to
work. These guys don't take a show lightly, If they have a scheduled
engagement they go all out on it. There is not a lazy person in this band. Each andevery member of this band is not just in the band, they are promoters of it.

Sean Striegal, Talent Buyer - House of Blues - Anaheim

"WAXAPPLES are a big loud rock band that knows how to write a melody but doesn't get tangled up in the current world of anonymous pop/punk rock. When they play anyone can see that they mean every word & every note."

John Doe of X

Jaw Dropping - Period
Cool seein' you at HOB that Saturday you opened for X.

What a set it was, man-oh-man! It was jaw dropping - period. I haven't felt this encouraged and excited about a band-debut since Betty Blowtorch started showing up at the Garage. You all looked and sounded great. Jamie's stage presence too, it's huge. The manner in which she moves around the microphone, sorta' letting her shoulders fall and then pick back up, reminds me of the girls that fronted punk and post-punk bands back in 1980. If I had to give it name I'd call it, "devil-may-care---until it counts."

But really all your-guy's work has paid off and I'm sure the
rewards will multiply.



This was my 2nd show with WA and X (Anaheim and LA). Let me put it as bluntly as I know how...the band kicks serious ass! I was on the barrier on the very left side (sax side) and still too far. Jamie is hot. I love the skirt moves and the jumping and .......

See ya at your next OC show definitely.


Fresh, Real, Emotional

I can't tell you how fresh, real, emotional, and just plain flat our rockin' your music is. In my mind, you are a rarity in today's music scene and I feel lucky to live in So. Cal so I can see you. I am an old time blues rocker/lover of true punk, grew up on Zep, The Who, X, and others:) seen you twice now, and also enjoyed the show with X at the Belly Up Tavern...You are as true to the roots of real rock as any band I have ever seen, and I've seen a few if you get my drift.

Keep on keepin' on, and we're telling all our friends about this great band!!! Thanks for the show at the Gypsy lounge, of course we could have taken another 3 hours of you guys without taking a breath:)


Your Music is Hot Like Hot Hot Tea
I'm sure you get roughly infinity billion E-mails like this a day, or, failing that, a more "real" number of E-mails. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I heard your music on 103.1 and was blown away, I'll definitely be seeing your show this Saturday!

Oh, and they announced your CD, congratulations, can't wait to pick that up.


Fucking Amazing
Wow, You guys are fucking amazing. I saw you guys last night, June 19 at the House of Blues X show. I was so damn impressed. Please let me know as much as you can about shows and what-not. I am an instant fan and I'm waiting for august for your guys' CD. Thanks for existing and keep it up please.

p.s. are you guys going to keep the sax player by any chance? I fucking love the the balance of the band with it. It throws a really bitchin style into it as well.
p.s. voices are amazing as well...jesus christ.


Album Review in Jan. 05 SKratch


It's been a while since a good swing/rockabilly band came onto the
scene. Wax Apples are just that: a cool bunch of young kids who write
horn-driven tunes with a good beat. Bursting with the style of Big Bad
Voodoo Daddy and the soul of Brian Setzer, these kids truly make
entertaining music. Fans of swing music and rockabilly will love lead
singer Jamie Coakley's smooth vocals layered over the thick bass of
James Grissom. Don't be afraid to take a listen a.


Live show Review Vegas Hot Spots.com

WAXAPPLES and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

*The WaxApples opened the evening with their version of high energy, guitar-filled excitement that can best be described as "voodoo rock." Brian Coakley, formerly of the Cadillac Tramps, fronts the band on guitar, along with his wife Jamie on vocals. As my friend Eric once said, "she's a real vixen." The WaxApples were the perfect complement to BBVD, with an eclectic stage performance and an electric sound. The WaxApples were gracious enough to swing by the OBA after their show. The Godfather introduced lead guitarist Brian Coakley to his friends in the VIP Booths. Unlike many of my rock star friends, who have to be dragged screaming and kicking to meet their fans, the WaxApples were more then happy to hang out and discuss the show with their fans. Their new CD is available at www. Waxapples.com
- none




Feeling a bit camera shy


In the spring of 2000, OC alt-rock hero Brian Coakley (The Cadillac Tramps/Rule 62) and his wife, Jamie Sims Coakley, formed a band. Four years and countless hours later, they are finally ready to unveil their very own special variety of rock-n-roll, dubbed WAXAPPLES.

"The type of music is definitely rock...only not straight up, but rather with a twist" says Brian about his latest project. "I took what I loved most about rock music; simple song structures, nasty guitar riffs, and a whole hell of a lot of punk rock energy, and mixed it with the possibilities of expression that modern technology affords. The first songs were recorded by myself and my producer at the time, Chris Furhman (Sparklehorse, Brian Eno). I started with drum loops and samples, over-dubbing guitars and bass. I suppose I got a little high with the possibilities, adding in 60's style keyboard parts and a sprinkling of really cool, moody horn lines. When we went to put a band together to try and duplicate what we had recorded, well...it turned out to be a logistical nightmare. There were eight bodies at our first rehearsal. Drums, bass, two guitars, two female back up voices, (one of whom was Jamie) and keyboards. That lasted all of about three weeks, before I realized we had to simplify."

And simplify they have. When you see WAXAPPLES now, you might, at first, mistake them for a ska band, or maybe rock-a-billy without the pompadours and cuffed jeans. However, once they start to play, the band is unmistakably rock-n-roll. Their style is a bit 1950's glamor mixed with a twenty first century edge. The band is a streamlined version of their first incarnation featuring James Grissom on drums, Marcus Irvin on bass, Brian on guitar and lead vocals, Matt Kalin on saxophone and Jamie on additional vocals. "In the beginning, I was doing much more traditional back ups then what I do now." Says Jamie. "I used to sing mostly tag lines, which was fine. But, as the band began to take on it's own character, I found myself singing more and more. Now, I double Brian's lead on more than half our songs. I sing lead on one song, "I", and do traditional back ups on the rest." This approach tempts one to make comparisons to "X" or The Pixies, and the gritty, nasty saxophone riffs, (many written for a second guitar rather than a sax), call to mind the 90's Boston alt-rock band Morphine.

What sets WAXAPPLES apart from the afore mentioned bands however, is their live show. Brian's ability to leap three feet in the air, spin around and still plays his riffs with precision. His gritty, raw vocals, full of emotion. His captivating stage presence. Each offset and yet complimented by Jamie's bomb blast of energy. Her sometimes sultry and smooth, sometimes punky and raw vocals. The saxophone blares and spits at you. The rhythm section pulses, thumps and vibrates seamlessly and although the band is extraordinarily tight, there is an element of danger. You are on the edge, as sweat pours off Brian's cap, as Jamie prods and teases dangerously close to the head stock of his guitar. They jump and rock and belt out the set with an energy, excitement and sense of enjoyment rarely seen, catching the audience up and bringing them along for the ride.

From the first crack of the snare drum, to the final chorus of their set, WAXAPPLES draw you in, shake you up, smack you around and then spit you out. Perhaps you are a bit battered and bruised from the ride, but somehow you feel the better for it. Better for having lived one night a little more fully, for having sampled the raw, fresh rock-n-roll goodness that is WAXAPPLES.