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Boom, Flanders, Belgium | INDIE

Boom, Flanders, Belgium | INDIE
Band EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Album Review"

Beats with a greasy edge. With ‘Spoiled Rich Bitches’, Waxdolls created a number that would force every Paris Hilton adept to crawl in her personalized Louis Vuitton bag. In the meantime, the guys can define their dream girl on ‘Favorite girl’ as someone who loves fuckmachines and laser beams. Not very subtle, but very efficient. Electroclash with a lot of kinkyness. More of those excesses on ’15 Minutes’ and ‘High Speed Killer Ride’. The pounding bass and the hot vocals of ‘Chips’ and the swelling broken beats and grooves of ‘Damage’ spontaneously ejaculate in your ear.

RIF RAF, May 2009

"Album Review"

If Waxdolls can translate this well to a stage, surely a first festival hit for the following years is born.
OOR, June 2009 - OOR

"Album Review"

Hot sounds at the praiseworthily debut album ‘High Speed Killer Ride’ from Waxdolls. Barred from the British ether because of the indecent vocabulary.
Humo, May 2009

"Album Review"

Dance like Soulwax has intended it.
Menno Visser, 3 voor 12, May 2009
- 3voor12

"Album Review"

'High Speed Killer Ride’ is an album that can show you every angle and edge of their musical ability on full speed.
CJP.be, May 2009

"Album Review"

Waxdolls seem to have created an album that lives up to its name ‘High Speed Killer Ride’.
Goddeau.com, May 2009
- Goddeau.com


> DINGELING KING feat. Gloria (single) to be released in April 2011
> SPOILED RICH BITCHES (ep) released in March 2010.
> 15 MINUTES (ep) released in Oct 2009.
> HIGH SPEED KILLER RIDE (lp) released in April 2009.
> CHIPS (ep) released in March 2009.

All releases distributed by Play It Again Sam.




Spice up your love life
and open the windows of excitement
with Dingeling King,
the new stimulating EP by Waxdolls.

The track serves a dual purpose.
It's an original electro-track by the Belgian band,
now also with a hiphop-vibe and attitude.

And for the ultimate pleasure, they've got a girl in.
Because the tune is not only for him but also for her.

Gloria's got Ghanaian blood and Ghent roots.
Last year she made it to the finals of Humo's Rockrally.

In Dingeling King, Waxdolls and Gloria come together to offer a great intimate experience.
And they can make you wanna want some more. Uuhh!


Waxdolls is an electro band from Ghent (Belgium). In 2009 they surprised the Belgian, Dutch and French dance scene with their debut album High Speed Killer Ride. Since then, they've proved to play their music live on the stages of Pukkelpop (Hasselt), 5 Days Off (Amsterdam), Dour Festival (Dour), Le Bataclan (Paris), Elysée Montmartre (Paris).

On stage, Waxdolls prove that the words 'live', 'electronic' and 'band' can be combined after all. Punky attitude included. As the enthusiast press already wrote: "It gets you high!"

Lieven Dermul got a master degree at the Conservatory (Production), Wim Slabbinck is sexologist. Together they're Waxdolls, an electropunk band from Ghent. Two boys and some toys, that's all we need.

With the ironic video of Spoiled Rich Bitches, Lieven and Wim even caused a small internethype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUBjJlROXKc

Check out the other Waxdolls videos here:
uncensored version only to be viewed at www.waxdolls.be
> OUR NEW LIVE SHOW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmw4Ks6LmsQ
> SPOILED RICH BITCHES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUBjJlROXKc
> 15 MINUTES: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ErIu4b8cPM
> CHIPS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWtkWlsXlpM