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Waxing Phil

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | INDIE
Band Americana Jam


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"April 13, 2008 Trocaderos"

Next, a barefoot and pony-tailed Trixie D took the stage with the rest of his band, Waxing Phil. If “Phil” is a reference to former Grateful Dead bassist and hippie icon Phil Lesh, then the band most definitely “Waxed Phil.” The four-piece jam band played a number of pieces that brought to mind a number of older sounds, from the Dead to locals Big Wu. Though I don’t have a great deal of patience for jam bands, I can live with these guys. They keep the instrumental solos at reasonable lengths of time, and have a jazzy toe-tapping style that can be easy on the ears. What really impressed me about the band was lead guitarist/mandolin player A.J. Piga. The guys is simply an amazing instrumentalist, and was able to transition some rocking licks into the band’s more laid back style without seeming out of place. While I don’t see Waxing Phil opening up at First Avenue any time soon, they would be right at home at venues like 10,000 Lakes or Chickenfest.
- Howwastheshow.com

"Waxing Phil - (Recomended Listen: The Other Hand)"

"So high
Can you see all the people on the ground?
To the world that you thought that you found"

Their sound reminds me of Cat Stevens, back in his early days. They're fresh and unspoiled, and singing harmoniously. These songs will have you moving along, and put a smile on your face. - Laura Cushing


Life In The Day of... (EP, 1999) -

Patriot Hymn (Single) - selected for "Band Together" compilation CD for victims of 9/11
victims (2001)

Sensational Bad News (LP - 2004)

Live in '05 - Live concert EP (2005)

Unrefined (LP - 2008)

The Pursuit of Happiness, Vols. I and II. (Double LP - 2011?)



The one thing anybody really knows about Waxing Phil is that nobody really knows much of anything about them. You can tally known knowns on the fingers of one hand and get change.

To wit: 1.) Minneapolis-based jam band with a strong folk orientation and a knack for slipping in, out, and through whatever cracks they want; 2.) founded and led by one “Trixie”--Caucasian male, age unknown, air of good-natured mischief about him; 3.) never play a song the same way twice. Not because they’re running short, either --the core quartet have written, performed, and recorded hundreds. Of these, only a few dozen* have made it to Waxing Phil’s official releases: 1999’s “Life in the Day of...” EP, ‘04’s Sensational Bad News, and ’08’s Unrefined. Throughout their far-ranging adventures, they’ve always been faithful to a single muse--the one (nobody ever catches her name) who’s made a point of inspiring everybody from Bob Wills to Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Due before Halloween, The Pursuit of Happiness Vol. I and II finds Waxing Phil continuing the ongoing pursuit of absolute roots eclectica assisted by horns, strings, and their most ambitious agenda to date (though charming listeners with wry and engaging tales of love,loss, longing, politics, sex and hippie nihilism still ranks number one among their priorities.) Think kindred spirits Trampled by Turtles and Pert' Near Sandstone, but with an expanded palette and a penchant for intriguing tangents--you’ll get at least a sliver of of the album’s gist.

Waxing Phil will be augmenting Pursuit’s digital release with a limited, slipcased, double-vinyl edition complete with  a hardcover chronicle featuring original illustrations by local artists.

Visit Waxingphil.com often for updates and free tracks from the band’s voluminous archive. (We have tons of stuff to share.) In anticipation of the album’s release, we’ll also be ending a long hiatus from live performances. Check our Facebook page for show announcements and whatever you do, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For a band who intentionally maintain a low profile, Waxing Phil have accrued a ridiculously large body of myth. Whether speculation, invention, or a combination of both, most stories about the band are pure poo--most of it positing the band as some sort of immortal, Doctor Who-like entity. Tales about Waxing Phil 78 rpm records from the 1920’s and ‘30’s? Impossible. Same for the rumored Edison cylinders. As for opera Freedom Wheel--allegedly bootlegged on cassette in ‘78--let’s just say those who know don’t talk.

Chronologies of live performances skew even more fanciful. Granted, the quartet sometimes sound as if they could be from another time--a bunch, actually. But whether or not they got their start as wandering minstrels during the Middle Ages is moot.

According to the official bio (which you’re reading), the band have graced stages everywhere from the late, great 10,000 Lakes Festival to Lake Harriet’s storied bandshell, not to mention a profusion of dives, honkey-tonks, and smoke-filled basements. As for those 15th-Century woodcuts a few recalcitrant drug casualties refuse to stop talking about, sure, the band look a bit like Waxing Phil. But there’s absolutely no way anybody can prove anything.