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Bristol, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 1997 | INDIE

Bristol, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1997
Duo Electronic Electro


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Nick Warren has been a working DJ since around the time Avicii was learning how to hold a baby rattle. And as one-half of pioneering production duo Way Out West, he helped forge the sound of U.K. progressive house, blissing out the entire rave generation with transcendent chart-topping dance hits like 1997's "The Gift."

Of course, retirement is nowhere in sight for Warren, whose prolific solo career has seen him deliver some of the most acclaimed installments of the prestigious Global Underground mix series, among other things. And as it turns out, Way Out West is still alive and well, with a fifth studio album and new tour dates slated for 2015.

Ahead of his highly anticipated headlining show at Do Not Sit on the Furniture this weekend, we at New Times caught up with the legendary DJ-producer to chat about the evolution of electronic dance music, his Hope Recordings label, and WOW's new album.

New Times: You've been DJ'ing for the better part of three decades and through practically the entire evolution of electronic dance music. What are the sonic elements you continue looking for in music after all these years? What makes a dance floor weapon for you?

Nick Warren: I have been very lucky to experience so many changes in electronic music. Having varied taste in my book is an essential tool for any DJ. I am a huge fan of melody and good basslines. I have always loved the more indie dance scene, vocals with an edge rather than the more diva approach. As for the weapons, something that has masses of energy with that melodic bass vibe always goes down very well.

What keeps you inspired and motivated to keep working as a DJ after all your years in the game? What do you find most inspiring or positive about electronic dance music today?

As a DJ, record producer and label owner, I am always looking for new sounds and ideas. The new -- and let's face it -- much easier ways of making music have brought with them an enormous number of young new producers. Yes, it does take me much longer to sift through the vast amounts of music being released on a weekly basis, but there are so many amazing artists and tracks out there that every day is an inspiration.

As a pioneer of progressive house, what do you think defines the term progressive these days? Do you think the definition has changed since the '90s era when you were coming up with Way Out West?

Well, that's a question right there! Beatport decided a few years ago to place all the commercial EDM-style music in the progressive section. So the whole process of buying prog is a minefield of misunderstandings and confusion. My tip is to go to the deep house section, and in there you will find the music which sounds like what we would call progressive. Meanwhile the deep house music is now in the house section, maybe! Confused? Yes, so am I and everybody else. That being said, I have never paid too much attention to genres in general and just play the tracks I love.

What is the status of Way Out West these days? Can we expect future material or touring from this project?

Indeed you can. Jody [Wisternoff ] and I are very close to finishing our fifth album, and we are over the moon with it! I think it's shaping out to be our best yet! Touring will also start this year.

What was the concept behind Hope Recordings when you first launched the label in 1998? How has that concept evolved since? Where do you plan to take the label in the future?

The label was started by Leon Alexander and Steve Satterthwaite back in the day, and was a platform for forward-thinking electronic dance music. That is still our aim today. We concentrate on a mixture of young new talent mixed in with some legendary producers. It's very much a labor of love rather than a sound business idea, really, but we love the label and people who release their music on it.

So what can we expect during your set at Do Not Sit on the Furniture on Saturday? How do you typically approach a set for an intimate small room like this one, as opposed to say a festival arena?

I have heard great things about the club and it is a joy to come to Miami outside of Miami Music Week. I have so much amazing music right now, including lots of our new Way Out West material to play. Also, a stack of new signings to Hope Recordings. Expect that all-important melody and basslines to die for. - Miami New Times

"Review: Way Out West Live @ Connect Ibiza Review"

When it comes to seasoned dance acts they don’t come any heavier than Way Out West, comprising of the formidable Jody Wisternoff who has not only been a prominent figure since the early 90’s rave era but is of course currently riding high as a solo artist via his heavy Anjunadeep affiliation. The other counterpart to the WOW make up is a man who needs no introduction at all, Nick Warren has been at the forefront of the progressive movement from day one, at the helm of the glorious Renaissance / Global Underground era and probably one of the most respected names in British dance music it has to be said.

When I heard Way Out West were back together again showcasing new material from their highly anticipated & forthcoming album, I just had to head down to Connect @ Privilege last night and witness this exciting performance myself.

Into their third week at Privilege’s cutting edge Vista club, Connect really are pulling out the stops this summer with a plethora of so many great names, residencies from Markus Schulz & Oakey alongside a myriad of scene stalwarts and fresh talent each week, booking a name psynonemous with the mid to late nineties seemed a brave albeit inspiring move in these days of forward thinking clubbers but when your legacy is as big as Way Out West, it can be nothing short of an education for the younger clubbers and a big slice of nostalgia for the older fans!

Taking to the stage Jody & Nick expressed immediate enthusiasm & energy for what can only be a physical release of painstaking months (if not years?) in the studio shaping this new LP, tonight they were showcasing 60% of it in a live show consisting electric drum pads, keyboards, CDJ’s and two laptops and the result was a polished & seamless foray into mature progressive house & trance.

Rolling through reworked WOW vocal classics from the early 90’s such as Shoot and Ajare alongside cool fresh material which goes straight for jugular, big vocals & killer basslines, the Privilege crowd were certainly not disappointed and the experience of Nick and Jody shone through, despite also being dealt a slightly rough hand by the warm up DJ getting a bit excited too early.

In true balearic style they ended their set at 3am with The Gift which sounded incredible even after all these years through the Vista’s Funktion 1 sound system and took me back instantly to the late 90’s when you couldn’t escape this larger than life classic either in the clubs, on TV or Radio, it really was everywhere for around a year.

All in all a dynamic and exciting performance of what sounds like an essential album on the horizon from Way Out West and a superb booking for Connect Ibiza who really are delivering the minerals for trance fans in Ibiza this summer. It’s all about Tuesdays at Privilege! - Track It Down

"Review of 'Tuesday Maybe'"

For me, it's the most beautiful, moving song on the entire comp. I sat there hearing it for the first time and tears came streaming down my face, for no reason. I can't EVER recall a track making me weep like that (I'm not some weird, weepy woman).

As I cried, the most magical thing happened. Outside my window, the sky suddenly turned a soft pink, casting a beautiful glow over the ocean, on the beach where i live...a flock of massive pelicans swooped across the water and dove into it at the same time, one by one. The whole scene took my breath away. EXACTLY as your track ended and shifted to the next song, the pink light disappeared from the sky and darkness set in.

The whole thing was so incredible, I just had to share it with you. It was as if the entire Earth felt your music, from my heart to the sea and sky and birds, and for those 3 minutes, all the beauty in the world was synchronized. " - DJ Mag USA by Erin Sharoni


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