Kitchener, Ontario, CAN

Wayfarer is a punk/rock band from Kitchener Ontario. Punknews.org describes the band sound as "scruffy, slower and down-tuned melodic punk". We're quite simply four kids making music for the sake of it.


Wayfarer has used a rotating line-up of members throughout their discography with the core members being Steve Sloane and Kyle Krische. With multiple EP's and full length "Our Fathers" now released the band has finished recording a new EP that will be on a future split LP with Guelph Ontario's The Decay. It features 5 new songs recorded at BWC Studio's in Brampton Ontario with Greg Dawson. With a little more coherency than the previous efforts, the new EP will be the most polished and seemingly put-together release the band has released to date.


Our Fathers - March 2010
Streaming: http://wayfarer.bandcamp.com/album/our-fathers
Moderate rotation on local college radio programs

Split with Hinindar - April 2009
Streaming: http://wayfarer.bandcamp.com/album/wayfarer-hinindar-split-ep

The Reflections EP - October 2008
Streaming: http://wayfarer.bandcamp.com/album/wayfarer-hinindar-split-ep

The What We've Become EP - August 2008
Streaming: http://wayfarer.bandcamp.com/album/what-weve-become

Set List

Varies nightly but generally between 25 and 40 minutes depending.