Waylon sings his pop music with the rough and tumble energy of rock (& roll) and the emotional depth of soul. In Canada, UK, he's already known as a sensational performer. After summer his platinum debut album will be followed up (co-producer Steve Jordan): on his way to an inevitable bright future.


Touring the United States for over a year with the eclectic country legend Waylon Jennings changed the life of Dutch born popsinger and namesake Waylon. From there Waylon even more developed his own divers sound and brand of pop music. Flirting with soul, showing his passion for rock (and roll) and meanwhile presenting a new chapter of popmusic.
For wide audiences Waylon became known as an amazing singer and performer especially due to his television appearences (solo) in a show called "Holland got talent".
Waylon became the first Dutch act signed to Motown, released his 1st album August 28 of 2009 (followed by 3 hit singles), produced by the same team that broke the albums of James Morrisson and Jason Mraz.
Waylon opened up Whitney Houston's Arena Tour in the UK and he succesfully toured Canada on his own.
After a year of touring clubs, festivals and theaters and while his first album is about to hit platinum, Waylon presently is working on his new album, which will be released internationally right after the summer of 2011. Part of it is produced in New York by Steve Jordan.


Wicked ways (2009)

Wicked way (2009)
Hey (2010)
Happy song (2010)

Set List

60 to 90 minutes set with mainly own songs