Wayne Bonnett

Wayne Bonnett

 Shepherdsville, Kentucky, USA
BandElectronicNew Age

Wayne an electronic musician, sound designer, and sound engineer that enjoys playing synthesized ambient "space" music.


Wayne Bonnett is an electronic musician, sound designer, producer, and sound engineer who enjoys creating electronic music. He is the sole member and mastermind behind the band Equinox Shadow.

Wayne started performing in the mid to late 80's in front of friends and family. After graduating high school in 1989, Wayne's focus shifted away
from music, and started chasing the "American dream".

A tragic turn of events led Wayne back into music production. When Wayne's grandmother passed away in 2006, and he turned to the music he loved to create to help deal with her passing.

Some of Wayne's musical influences are Tangerine Dream, Juno Reactor, Jean Michel Jarre, DRAX, E.V.O.K, Trance Control, Atlas Plug, Enya,
Enigma, Moby, Tori Amos, and Depeche Mode.

Wayne enjoys playing easy listening piano and synthesized ambient "space" music. However, he prefers to compose and produce fast paced
trance and techno music.


Equinox 1

Written By: Wayne Bonnett aka Equinox Shadow



HOPE For Pets Vol. 1 - Aug. 2007 (charity cd)

Serpent of Light and Shadow - SINGLE - Jun. 2007

HOPE For Pets Single - Jun. 2007

Equinox Shadow - Mar. 2007

Too Many Social Problems - EP - Mar. 2007

Digitalia Five / Music For Brandi and Luke - Nov. 2006

Digitalia Four / The Brocephus Files - Nov. 2006

Digitalia Three - Aug. 2006

Digitalia Two / Clifford and Blanche Tribute - Aug. 2006

Digitalia One - Jul. 2006

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