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Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Gospel


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Wayne - Maturity"

Not all Urban music overfloweth with autotuned vocals and offensive lyrics. Christian rapper Wayne is proving that with his debut album, aptly titled “Maturity.” It’s a solid collection of ten self-penned songs, each song delivering a powerful, positive message for young and impressionable listeners.

Wayne’s Just Truth Ministries is out of Jersey City, New Jersey, and he has dedicated this project towards telling his personal stories of struggles with his faith, all the while trying to become a better man, believing that, “I can change the world with just a microphone.”

Street rhyming is central to the record, and his raps are often blended with melodic refrains by featured vocalists, warmed with harmonies and classy arrangements. A military snare drum on opening track, “The Introduction,” sets the serious tone of his story: “So like a tree sittin’ by the water/That won’t be moved cuz its roots are too deep/I stay true to my oath and become a livin’ testimony/Bear witness to my growth/I see how my daughter copies me/While I’m watchin’ her she’s watchin’ me/So if for no other reason I gotta make sure/An example is set for her/And show how a real man operates/Not the type that you see on the videos.”

Even with themes like the “flesh desires are your kryptonite,” and “treat yourself good, but refuse liquor,” Wayne somehow manages to not be overly, in-your-face preachy. In ”I Need You,” the listener hears his desperate plea to God that “I can’t do this by myself.” His vulnerability and constant work at his relationship with God comes through in the rapid-fire rap on “Reach.” That sentiment is echoed in the beautiful “23,” a song about coming into his adulthood, recorded over a lovely piano track: “To get my attention the Lord put a stop to my writin’/Never to harm me but to put me on notice/I was out of line and needed to get focused/So busy tryin’ to build this ministry/That I forgot God wasn’t done buildin’ me.”

A rising, cinematic arrangement of horns and strings is the canvas for “She,” his grateful tribute to his mother, who gave him life and gave him God. Wayne gives rap a good name.

Find out more about the artist at www.justtruthministries.com/wayne - Jane Goodman





Wayne always knew he had a calling on his life, but never knew what God had in store. Most of his time was spent searching for purpose, destiny and his future. Different routes were taken to see exactly where he fit in, but he found himself in territories which brought danger to his life. When he got tired of being sad, tired of failing, tired of searching and never finding what he was looking for; God called him by his name. His primary search is to find more of God’s grace and mercy. Always aiming higher and working towards destiny; Wayne knows his purpose is from God and continues to pray and study the Bible. These are the things that make Wayne who he is today, and he owes it all to GOD. Praise God In All Things. Wayne has successfully completed his first album entitled Maturity.