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Wayne Allen

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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Green Lemon, Green Lemon
the SKYS - Small Dreams in an Elevator
Shoestring - Single
Weight - Single
Nice Place - Single
Several additional songs have been recorded live...a full catelog upon request.

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Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Wayne Allen has performed music in numerous venues, theatres, and bars, across the US from 2001 to present. Formerly the front man of the bands Green Lemon & the SKYS, he is currently pursuing an independent music career. Wayne has written hit songs that have received such awards as Relix Magazine’s New Groove Jammy Nominee, HomeGrown Music’s Album of the Year, and CMJ/Relix Jam-Off Winner. Many of his songs have been ranked as the #1 most requested song on radio stations across the US. Wayne has played in several national music festivals, some of which include: Wakarusa Music Festival in KS/AR – 4 years, 10,000 Lakes Music Festival in MN – 3 years, Oregon Country Fair in OR, CMJ Music Marathon Music Fest in NY, SXSW Music Festival in TX, Mateel Summer Arts Festival in CA, Harmony Festival in CA, SummerCamp Music Festival in IL – 2 years, Green Apple Music Fest in NY, Gem & Jam Music Festival in AZ, Green Apple Music Festival in IL, Joshua Tree Music Festival in CA, Smilefest in NC, Buffalo Music Festival in VA, Ashfest in NC, Harvest Festival in ME, Diversafest in OK, Independence Day Jam, in OK, Crossroads Music Festival in OK, & Paseo Arts and Music Fest in OK. Wayne is currently in the recording studio and will have a new CD releasing soon. Wayne’s talent lies in his creative ability and musical vision which together bring about amazing songs. He is a genius when it comes to song writing. It is evident with each new project he produces; his music takes his listeners to new places and keeps them coming back for more.

Listed below are a few reviews regarding Wayne’s recent music projects:

Review below By Steven Reid – Sea of Tranquility

Having never heard Wayne Allen's previous band Green Lemon, I'm pleased to say that I managed to approach his new music project “the SKYS” with no preconceptions as to what would be contained inside his new project's debut album “Small Dreams In An Elevator”. That said, I really wasn't expecting the electronic rhythms mixed with indie rock pretentions and gentle simple melodies bolstered by fragile yet confident vocals that ooze out of the speakers.
While there are samples and loops used throughout this album, the feel never strays too far from organic and Allen possesses a voice that betrays the oft modern feel for something more akin to Stephen Stills or Paul Simon when he was still singing with his tall mate and while these styles may seem at odds, what Allen has achieved is to bind them together with wonderfully melodic phrases, intelligent vocals and sparse drama that make for tracks that are accessible and challenging at the same time.
Some have already lumped the SKYS with the likes of Radiohead, however the feel created here is too up tempo in a down beat manner to truly be put in that bracket and Allen isn't afraid to be overtly pop when the mood takes him. "Bad Guys" comes on like a light weight Killers, however with more listens the stringent beat and jaunty keyboard colours really take hold and as so often during the disc, Allen's vocals raise what could have been a good track into a great one. There are no histrionics to his delivery, however the heartfelt, high pitched timbre is tailor made for the soundscape going on beneath it. "Heavy Eyes" reminds of a less twee "Our House" by Stephen Stills, a gentle acoustic guitar strums behind Allen's excellently layered harmonies and when the synth joins in the feeling is both uplifting and relaxing.
You could imagine the chorus of "Dirty Weather" cropping up on a later day Marillion album, however the double timed high hat in the chorus is altogether more dance oriented and brings a strangely sedate urgency to the singing keyboard backing.In contrast "Turtles" has a strong riff quietly holding an almost spoken vocal to acoustic strumming, piano stabs and glockenspiel pings before the wonderfully arranged vocals soar with an angelic quality and alter the mood completely. "Driver" has a vibe that makes you think of Simon and Garfunkel sitting together in a darkened room with only a spotlight for company as the plaintive acoustic guitar backs another seductive vocal and in an album full of intricate rhythms and beats the contrast is all the more stark and effective. As though to reinforce that contrast "Animal" is pure 80's electronica with a regimented beat gently pushing the synth melodies, although the song itself never gets above a considered jog, somehow the SKYS manage to make these sedate electronic meanderings compelling and vital. The whole album has been building and as the chorus to "Slow" washes over you with its gloriously melodic hook the peak of the disc has been reached. Listen to it once and you'll be humming it for days, give it a couple of repeat listens and you'll discover a chorus line and melody that will stick in your head for eternity. Simple, memorable and stunningly effective. It's like rediscovering a long lost friend.