Wayne Biro

Wayne Biro

 Bear, Delaware, USA

Solo Composer. Organize groups to create/record/perform a few pieces of unique music, then move on.


Influences- modern to classical.
What sets me apart- since there is only one me, I do not try to be like anyone else. Simple!
Goal- there are 40,000,000 musicians in the US, and each one of them has one hit song in them that I will draw out and collaborate on! Anyone have a mobile recording studio?!


My Queen

Written By: Robert Burns (1759-1796)


Oh where
Art thou?
In the cold black
On yonder lea
On yonder lea

I plaidae
To the angry air
I shelter thee
I shelter thee

Oh good
Bitter storm
Around thee blaw
Around thee blaw
My beal
Should be my bosom
To share it all
To share it all

Oh were I
In the wildest waste
Sae, black and bear
Sae, black and bear
The desert
Were a paradise
If thou wert there
If thou wert there

Oh, were I
The Monarch
Of the Globe
With thee to reign
With thee to reign
The brightest jewel
In my crown
Would be my Queen!
Would be my Queen!

song to the words of the poem "O, Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast" by (the old poet) Robert Burns
Arrangement and Music
copyright by W.P. Biro

She Laughed as Softly as She Sighed

Written By: Elizabeth Barrett Browning

She laughed
As softly
As if she sighed


She's counted
Six and over
Of a purse
well filled
And a heart
well tried

Oh each
a worthy lover
They give her
But her soul
must slip away
And the world
will see it on

She will lie
to none
With her fair
red lips
Her fair
red lips
Because love
seeks truer

Words From
"A Woman's
by Elizabeth
Barrett Browning
Arrangement and
Music Copyright
by W.P. Biro

I Want You

Written By: Arthur L. Gillom

I want you

When the shades

Of eve are falling

And purpling shadows

Drift across the land

When sleepy birds

To loving mates

Are calling

I want the

Soothing softness

Of your hand!

I want you

When the stars

Shine up above me

And Heaven's flooded

With the bright


I want you

With your

Arms and lips

To Love me

Throughout the

Wonder watches

Of the night!

I want you

When in dreams

I still remember

The lingering

Of your kiss

For old time's sake

With all your

Gentle ways

So sweetly tender

I want you

In the morning

When I wake

When I wake!

I want you

When the day

Is at it's noontime

Sun steeped

And quiet

Or drenched

In sheets of rain

I want you

When the roses

Bloom in June-time

I want you when the

Violets come again!

I want you

When my soul

Is thrilled

With passion

I want you

When I'm

Weary and depressed

I want you

When in lazy

Slumberous fashion

My senses need

The haven

Of your breast!

I want you

When through

Field and wood

I'm roaming

I want you

When I'm standing

On the shore

I want you

When the summer

Birds are homing

And when they've

Flown I want you

More and more!

I want you, dear

Through every

Changing season

I want you

With a tear

Or with a smile

I want you

More than any

Rhyme or reason

I want you,

Want you, want you

All the while!

From "I Want You"

by (the old poet) Arthur L. Gillom

Music Copyright

by W.P. Biro


None to date.

Set List

On-stage real-time composing using audience feedback.
My electronic pop collection.
Several covers.