Wayne Gacy Trio

Wayne Gacy Trio


The Wayne Gacy Trio is a Murder Rock band, based on the life and exploits of serial killers, fronted by a clown, heavy guitar driven batman music on crack. An in dept musical look into misguided behaviors and bad choices.


The Wayne Gacy Trio came together in Atlanta Georgia and later relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Now based out of Portland Oregon. Over the past year the band has released its first cd “Rec Room Romance and Crawlspace Love Affairs”, has been playing great shows, and getting some great attention.

The group’s music is heavy with a twist of the twisted. The band has developed a sound that is thick and rich, dripping with gruesome and smothered in grizzly. While heavy chord progressions grind away, the snare drum echoes like gunfire. Meanwhile, the bass lines are grabbing you in a sonic chokehold.  The guitar solos evoke an intention of creepy. The CD also features sound clips of John Wayne Gacy Jr. himself along with other unnerving clips of dark uneasiness.  One Northwest music magazine reviewer calls the CD “a sound that brings a beauty to the ugliness”.

The band is fronted by singer and guitarist, Jack Hanley, June Dahmer, just does stuff, Carlos Lee Lucas and Anthony Elwood Toole on guitar, Sean Lynn Woodfield on bass and Mr. X on drums. When asked why are there six people in the trio, lead singer Jack replies “it’s a guitar trio with a rhythm section and a creepy girl.”


Rec Room Romance and Crawlspace Love Affairs - Released in April of 2009

Set List

There's A Reason
Let's Go
Wait A Minute
Special Place
Pants Off