wayne krawchuk

wayne krawchuk


A Canadian singer/songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario with a voice that soars and digs. A soulful player of acoustic/electric roots rhythms and styles that connect with your heart and head.


Wayne has been performing for more than 25 years as a solo performer and in bands. The 1980s found him in a five-piece R & B oriented group called Sidestreet that would occasionally break into doo-wop breakdowns to the delight of audiences. They played clubs and festivals in Ontario and further afield in Mexico and the southern U.S., with memorable performances at the Red River Revel Festival in Shrieveport, Louisiana, where Wayne had an opportunity to meet Pete Seeger and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, who were also on the bill. The following year they played the World's Fair in New Orleans (the mid 1980s). They released one recording produced by Canadian musician Ian Thomas and did some additional recording for the CBC.

In the 90s, Wayne, along with fellow musician Cam MacLennan and Celtic harpist Ruth Sutherland, helped form a funky, folky eclectic trio called Tight Little Island that blended vocal harmonies with blues/folk/roots/Celtic fused songs. They released a self-titled recording produced by Toronto muscian/songwriter Ken Whitely and played universities, clubs and festivals across Ontario.

Wayne has recently released a CD of 13 original songs called "Smile for the Camera", which taps into the many influences he has explored along the way and features his powerful voice and excellent songwriting. For more music online check out radio3.cbc.ca/bands/wayne-krawchuk.


Charlotte's Blue-Eyed Daughter

Written By: wayne krawchuk

She is standing barefoot in the sand
A warm wind ’round her shoulders
Counting seashells, she holds in her hand
Charlotte’s blue-eyed daughter

She can tell things from the dreams she has
She gets that from her mother
She stole my heart so many years ago
Charlotte’s blue-eyed daughter

Her father was a sailor in the war
The sound of wind and water
Echoed in her dreams
Like a siren’s song
To Charlotte’s blue-eyed daughter

The surf washes up like jewels ’round her feet
An offering for the princess by the water
She jumps back laughing
And nothing sounds as sweet
As Charlotte’s blue-eyed daughter

She is standing barefoot in the sand
Staring out across the water
Once upon a time, a thousand years ago
Charlotte’s blue-eyed daughter

Isn't Love A Curious Thing

Written By: Wayne Krawchuk

Isn’t love a curious thing
Isn’t love a curious thing
It can lift you higher than anything
Then drop you on the ground again

I remember the words we said
I remember the words we said
But we spent our love too careless I guess
And it’s too late to find it again

I guess I was flying blind
I guess I was flying blind
We believe what we want to
The rest we deny
Lord, help a weary mind

The wind feels colder today
The wind feels colder today
Guess I’ll put up my collar
and be on my way
Sun, shine another day

Repeat 1st verse

Beautiful World

Written By: Wayne Krawchuk

Beautiful World

Funny old world, so strange and sad
Crazy world, so angry and mad
Listen to it crying out

Wounded and weary world
Looking for love
So many voices world, wondering how
Listen to them crying out

Beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful world

Such a great big world
Oh, so small
So many so many colours world
So beautiful
Listen to it crying out

Chorus: 3x

You Lift Me Up

Written By: Wayne Krawchuk

You Lift Me Up

Sometimes the day feels long
I wonder at what I see
I wonder if love has gone
Just some child’s fantasy

You lift me up
To where I can see
You lift me up
You lift me

When all my words feel wrong
You are my poetry
The place where I find my song
The place where you take me


Tell me what’s black and white
It’s all the same blood we bleed
Where the white dove flies
Where I have been in dreams



--Smile for the Camera: 2006 release, 13 original songs.
--Tight Little Island: 1994 self-titled release, songs written or co-written by Wayne, produced by Ken Whitely.
--Mariposa Folk Festival Compilation: 1994 release, songs by performers at Mariposa, including Tight Little Island, featuring song written by Wayne, titled Running the Human Race.
--Sidestreet: 1984 release, 5-song EP produced by Canadian musician Ian Thomas.
--Sidestreet: 1984, 5-song demo recorded at CBC for producer Jack Sheckman.

Set List

Depending on gig, will be originals or a mix of originals and covers. A wide variety of cover material can be presented including roots/folk/Americana styles, R & B, blues, reggae and pop tunes.