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Wayne Mills Band

Nolensville, Tennessee, United States

Nolensville, Tennessee, United States
Band Country Americana


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"The Last Honky Tonk"

Escaping from the South and retreating to the West Coast, Wayne Mills traveled with Jason "Rowdy" Cope, guitarist for Jamey Johnson to produce an album like none other he has created before. The Last Honky Tonk is a culmination of his deep country roots and life experiences to date. His recipe is a blend of southern rock, country classics, and rhythm and blues that give birth to a solid set of songs that will evoke a range of emotions that anyone can relate to. This album has recognizable influences of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Lynard Skynard and Charlie Daniels.

The 10 song album begins with The Last Honky Tonk an ode to the original and rare honky tonks. There’s just something to the old honky tonks that take you back in time with an old bar and jukebox with the old patrons sitting around swapping stories. Following is One of These Days, a song in honor of two of Wayne’s friends whose lives were cut short. Next is a head bobbing cover song, Same Ole Blues that describes how he learns of an unfaithful lover that he hopes will change, but the same ole rumors keep coming back around of the boyfriend across town. He tries to be patient, and ask when is it gonna end. Great rhythm and blues beat with amazing guitar and keyboard solos.

Continuing is It’s Just Not My Style telling the story of how life is a journey and full of heartaches. Don’t give up or let the bad times keep you down. Press forward. Keep your head high. He’s not going let the valleys of life get the best of him, but let them forge a memorable landscape and create something grand. You can be a half glass full or a glass half empty person. Life is too short. He learned all the rules of life through life experiences. He’s been chewed up and spit out by his friends. There are stages of life a young man goes through and have to learn from the mistakes turn them into something positive

Next is Old Willie Nelson Song, a comfort song after being jaded by heartache. Thinking he was doing all the right things in the relationship and imagining his love being at the end of the rainbow as the pot of gold only to find out that he was wrong. Cutting deep the bright lights and late nights of his career has taken a toll on the relationship and she decided to move on. So one way he found comfort was in a good old Willie Nelson Song.

Up next is Friendly Companion. Being in the music business can sometimes be a lonely road. Driving from show to show and everyone asleep in the car except for him, his only companions are his country music heroes. He plays their songs and listens to their tales of ex wives, bar rooms, nightlife, honky tonks and Waylon and Hank keep him company on his journey to the next destination.

The Truce, Wayne and Presley Tucker, the dueling duo – making a dysfunctional relationship work, but within it there is a respect for each others faults, an understanding of one another and undeniable passion they share. They don’t need a shrink to get them through it. Their dysfunction works and their chemistry keeps them together.

After being entertained with the love story of The Truce, get ready for Don’t Bring It Around a boot scootin’ boogie song that describes a struggle with addiction. If she continues then he’ll have to let her go. He talks about how hard it is to be straight/sober in a party situation. Song deals with deep issues but lightens it up with an upbeat tempo.

Feel like you are the black sheep of your family? Dark Horse is a song that has influences of Johnny Cash. The song describes a black sheep of the family even though he was raised right. Uncertain of his destiny. Been in dark places near to death, but don’t underestimate him because he is determined to make something of his life.

Closing the album with Homeward Bound a song near and dear to Wayne’s heart that is in honor of his father. His father was a hard working man with calloused hands to show for it. He had a lifetime of worries and carried the world on his shou - Unsure


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The Last Honky Tonk 2010



i have it saved on itunes as wayne mills "the album" which is kinda like when hollywooders call their movie "blank blank: the movie" after a title which usually needs no further introduction. and self titled albums are often over rated and not at all definitive of the person whose name appears in duplicate on every flat surface of the album. since the music on this album is nothing if not definitive of wayne, to me, this has always been "wayne mills: the album"
-Jamey Johnson

Outlaw by definition is one that is unconventional or rebellious. Wayne Mills by definition is one that is a stiff-necked, country troubadour with an affinity for Honky-tonks and possessing a style of rustic simplicity.
From the little town of Arab, nestled on top of Brindlee Mountain in Northern Alabama, Wayne Mills was the average country boy steeped in the Southern vernacular of GOD, GUNS AND FOOTBALL. Young Mills was instilled with many honorable qualities and traits by his father, Jack Mills, and was raised on the values of a working man; and like most working men, young Mills listened to blue collar anthems sang by Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard. Little did the future performer know that the heavy beat, and misfortune laden lyrics, of outlaw country would lay the ground work for his music career.
Mills, a two sport athlete, playing baseball at Wallace State Junior College in Hanceville, AL and football player at, the legendary, University of Alabama knows all about hard work and dedication.
The athlete turned musician has made a life for himself and his family through music. With more than fifteen years of touring experience, Wayne has proven himself the consummate performer with a huge following in the Southeast while also gaining notoriety in other parts of the country, as well as Europe and Australia. As a testament to the bands success, country music super stars Jamey Johnson and Blake Shelton, Cross Canadian Ragweed, as well as American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks all opened for Mills on their way to the top. Mills has most recently been touring with fellow Alabamian and close friend, Jamey Johnson. The band is also playing select dates with Southern rockers, Blackberry Smoke as well as headlining their own single dates.
Wayne Mills will soon release his highly anticipated studio album, Long Hard Road, where he worked with powerhouse producer Denny Diante under new Nashville record label, Diesel Records. Mills showcases his versatility as a singer/songwriter with 12 outlaw country/southern rock flavored tracks; 7 of which he penned or co-wrote. “My music is the combination of my country roots with the real world I have come to know,” explains Mills. Long Hard Road is a chapter in the songbook of Wayne Mills’ life: leaving no stone unturned when it comes to lyric and life.