The Wayne Pearcy Quintet

The Wayne Pearcy Quintet

 Allston, Massachusetts, USA

The Wayne Pearcy Quintet is a New England based group of emerging Jazz artists and composers. Building from the small-group jazz trends of the 50's and 60's, this ensemble offers hard-driving swing, soulful melodies, and a contemporary twist.


Wayne Pearcy is a New England area trumpeter and composer who has won numerous accolades, most recently placing second globally at the ITG College Jazz Competition for his solo work. His sound and lyrical playing style have earned him studies with some of the heavy hitters in Jazz, including Tiger Okoshi, Darren Barrett, and Wynton Marsalis. Also a strong advocate for assistive technology, WayneĆ¢€™s work has helped Berklee College of Music become a top destination for visually impaired music students from around the world. His current musical project aims to present the tradition of the Jazz Quintet from the perspective of a new generation of young musicians.


-'Live Jazz Fridays', WHRB FM. Air date 11/30/2012.

Set List

-Over the Edge (W. Pearcy)
-Feelings of Summer (W. Pearcy)
-Dreams Of Blue (W. Pearcy)
-Blues 88 (W. Pearcy)
-In Rare Form (W. Pearcy & A. Gratzmiller)
-Cypress (A. Gratzmiller)
-Waltz of Words (A. Gratzmiller)

Selected standards from the Jazz repertoire.