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Wayne Sanelli

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Wayne Sanelli

Young Laddy

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Vancouver BC


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Rock Pop Alternative Dance Musical Clasic

Musician & Songwriter: Wayne is a musician & songwriter inspired from a ton of great people both known/unknown. A pop rock artist who's songs span into other categories/genres of music. He started playing the guitar very young and branched out playing bass/drums/piano/percussion and some wind instruments too. His songs are innovative, sometimes melody driven and people often were surprised at how different/diverse the tunes were/are from one & another. Wayne is said to be a man who is in love with music and his deep routed passion has astonished some people in the past. Years ago when Wayne was a child a music evaluator came over at the request of his father to see if the boy had talent. Wayne as a child was asked to tap and repeat what the instructor was doing. He quickly concluded this boy has talent and great rhythm. As he heard great bands on radio/concerts he become fascinated with the guitar and bought one and an amplifier and started to learn off records,to follow by musical class mates, friends and from playing with bands as a helper/fill in from time/time. He later started playing bass because that instrument needed to be covered and loved carrying the low vibes. But then when he was not satisfied with some local drummers skills he wanted to learn the drums and so he did. He does not consider him self a drummer and has collaborated/played with some innovative tight amazing drummers before.

At first Wayne learned to play covers by tons of artists. In fact he was crazy about many styles of music and so he got a pretty wide spectrum of knowledge being about to learn various styles of music. It's never easy and the learning never stops. Over the years the piano has become an instrument of more focus for Wayne. He learned how to tune a piano and know plays it with much more ease. When he really applies himself he could play the drums tight and really well. When need be.

In 2008 Wayne achieved a Semi Finalist position with his song "Seeds Of Democracy" from the UK Songwriting Contest. One song received a Commended Enter Certificate at that time. But even before that some of his songs were reviewed by well know producers that were astonished somewhat at his talent. As Wayne recalls he once dropped off a 4 song CD at a producers home and was told he would tell him what his thoughts were when he reviewed the music. When that happened he was told he "had it". No doubt and was encouraged to pursue it and he did. Truly there were many signs along the way that there was some spark and something was different or special about Wayne. Over the years there were other artists/even a couple of radio hosts that were amazed. Wayne is never egotistical. he just does what he does and if there is such a thing as talent then perhaps he may have some of that. His deep routed passion for guitar/vocals and song inspires him to write/record his songs. When Wayne was s child he took guitar lessons for a short while and them learned from playing with others and self teaching himself. Somehow it's amazing to think that Wayne has inspired other people and been admired by some pretty great people too. It's re assuring that something is good and he should keep making music. Giving up is easy. But he never gave up. even in the worst times.

Truly Wayne has never ever used any vocal pitch correction hardware/software on vocals. He came from a time when you did it right or you did it again. When he really wants to he is quite capable to dish/belt out a song. Singing is not an easy task and it requires dedication/projection and concentration. The first song on Wayne's set list is Unconditional Love. When he wrote that song he knew something was cool about the music. It had another working title and he later went back and completed it. And he recalls the day the vocals were recorded. Using two mikes side/side he thought today I'm going to dish out a great vocals. And when he opened up his moth sure enough a great vocal came out. Think he did two full take sand then needed to relax. That song was envisioned about people going off to war/real war and sometimes they are at war with them selves. Sometimes they bring you war when you don't want it and Wayne was comparing and telling the story about love.. If someone loves you unconditionally then even in the worst time you will still be loved. Even when they them selves think they don't love you and they suppress it. And all of that thought brought that song out. Sing like you are singing for your maker/the creator of heaven/earth. That's what the song is about. Unconditional Love reached "6" at one point once (Old Site). And it went up against some great bands. Which is appreciated.

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