Wayne Supergenius

Wayne Supergenius


Wayne Supergenius explores guilt, loss, hope and despair, all wrapped in sweet 70s California country style vocal harmonies. WSG delivers soulful, melodic alt. country pop/rock that sits somewhere between the Flying Burrito Brothers and early Wilco and goes down like a smooth, aged bourbon.


Wayne Supergenius was formed when seasoned players from two well-known Central PA rock and power pop bands united to work on singer, Tony Ryder's rough studio demos. The resulting sound was unexpectedly rootsy and organic, thus it was decided that this rather tentative affiliation should become a band. The name was taken from the late, great Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete." With the addition of pedal steel, the band's smooth, spacious pop meets twang sound was solidified. Taking it's cue from the Bloodshot Records artists it admires, WSG places the art of songcraft over image and favors a militantly independent approach. The band self-produced and distributed it's debut record "The Tonight Show" and continues to record in it's home studio. Listen to additional songs at www.waynesupergenius.com. Never has drinking, desperation and romantic despair sounded quite so sweet.


THE TONIGHT SHOW released in 2000.
new LP in the works for a summer 2006 release.

entire lp is available for download on our website.