WayOutWilly is WOW! It's the kind of melodic savvy indie rock that you wish was on the radio. Their hooky well crafted tunes are quirky and memorable. With a riffy and daring blend of distorted guitar domination and dreamy sad Britpop they poise ready to quit their day jobs as jazz musicians.

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Written By: Seamus Blake

Down through hairpin turns
Love's inerta burns
It scortches then it swerves
It's gone and then returns

I'm climbing fast
I'm gaining height
Losing my composure... (my composure)
Was it my mistake to end up here tonight?
Just to feel you closer…(feel you closer)
I'm swerving round your edges ready to ignite
on a flying inferno

I'm on a Rollercoaster
and i'm overdosing

Round your perfect curves
Scenery is blurred.
My silent saboteur
less than I deserve

Leaning forward in a rush of speed
And im falling over falling over
over the edge into the deep
i'll meet the floor of the ocean
A messed up hunk of twisted steel
Just lying there broken

I'm on a Rollercoaster
and i'm overdosing

You Put me up push me down
You Pull me round and round and round

Coming Down

Written By: Seamus Blake

a surprising quick entry
crack the safe but its half empty
well some is better than none

its danger that attracts you
its desperate but you have to keep
grabbing all that you can

we've been fooled somehow
double crossed ourselves

a drunk cupids aim is worthless
he gives a mission with no purpose
it's a frozen hearted deal

we've been fooled somehow
double crossed ourselves

now we're
coming down
coming down
coming down
just to
kick around
kick around
kick around

it's easy getting in but tough getting out
swimming upstream like a couple of trout
I raise my white flag and wave it about

you started off sweet and ended up sour
you bumped me up to speed then cut off the power
i used to be upbeat but now i'm just a downer

we've been
coming down
coming down
coming down
just to
kick around
kick around
kick around


Written By: seamus blake


I never see my precious mother
I'm looking for a little sister
Won't you please tell someone lonely for another to come find me?

Im sittin on my sunny shelf
Wishing for more than just myself
Staring into the floor i scratch
Fishing all day without a catch

Stay at home. I don't use the phone.
Please tell me where to find her.
I'm not afraid to sleep all day
I'm a lion but im kinder

I know i should resist her yet
i cannot help insisting,
pinning, lying, twisting on my back wont you come play with me?

Im waitin for that lucky day
just knowing that you might come my way
Its feeding me hope to play my ace
I'll be chasin your tail and lickin your face

would you believe im royalty?
Everyday's like im retired
In our lair without a care
We'll be lovers never fighters

Bored and Spayed we'll have it made
I can think of nothing finer
When we meet i hope you'll agree
I 'm a lion but im kinder

all i fear is my desire
all my tears they make me blinder
Im a dragon without fire
I've grown lazy less inspired.


self titled cd available sept 07