Afro-Colombian folk with the sweet polyrhythms of Caribbean coast-infused dub, rock, jungle, and calypso. Leading in the composition of a contemporary NUEVO LATINO sounds cape, the band toured steadily in Colombia and recently released their much anticipated debut CD "NOVA CARIBE" in Toronto Canada.


Jaime Smalbach lead singer, composer and multi instrumentalist has been writing music for Wayové a number of years. In this album “Nova Caribe” Jaime led the most remote of the possibilities to a number of awards and tours into Canada where he are relocated. Jaime has been the leader for many bands back in his country of origin Colombia. He started his music career back in the late 80s with QST/ON, one of the first rock bands in the city of Cartagena. Later after the band fell apart, he created LEIVMOTIV along with Cesar Caballero who is still plays whit WAYOVÉ. He brought the band into a soap opera that became a hit in the Mid 90s and them took journey to Chile where he started the whole idea of Nova Caribe.


Nova Caribe 2005