Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Wayside are an alt-rock band from Boston, Mass. that create big, loud and powerful songs and bring intensity to every live performance. The band's goal as performers is to give fans a positive and cathartic experience, especially in a live setting.


Wayside started as a series of jam sessions in Boston between longtime friends in the summer of 2009, which evolved into a complete rock band by fall. Vocalist Sam Scott joined the band in November 2009, ending the band's months-long search for the right fit to sing. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Scott had previously moved to Boston to pursue a career in music. Wayside have since released five songs on a self-titled EP with a second EP due in early 2012, and performed several covers and other new songs live. They have performed live at clubs all over Boston, including the Middle East and Hard Rock Cafe, as well as a Labor Day performance on the main stage of the Woodstock Fair in Woodstock, CT, opening for headliner The Guess Who.


Wayside EP

1. Second Chance
2. Letting Go
3. I'm Sorry (For Nothing)
4. Fighting Words
5. Days to Remember