Way South

Way South

 Seattle, Washington, USA

How far can you go before you've gone too far? The vibrant rock of Way South helps illuminate the boundaries of optimistic sorrow with calculated precision and relentless hooks, pushing the listener out into the sunlight to hunt for the silver lining.


Hailing from the north of the northwest, Way South expresses strength in irony. Songs of loss and heartbreak set to bouncy, happy rhythms; dire dirges intent on hope and promise of the future; mathematically precise arrangements ornamented with lazy vocals and wistful attitude.

Evolving from the band Julep ('04-'08), Jen Fox (vocals/bass) and Jim Srnec (guitar) reshape their brand of overcast indie rock with the percussive complexity of Michael Fox (Lousy Robot), guitar virtuoso of Karl Haug (Alan White Project), and elegance of Shannon Carpenter's vocals.

Blend the playfulness of Feist, introspection of Leonard Cohen, intensity of the National, naive honesty of the Beatles, nostalgia of Neko Case, and the vibrance of gypsy jazz and you may end up somewhere Way South.


EP "Way South" - September 2009

Set List

Typical 45-minute to 1 hour set that may consists of an assortment of the following original songs:

Chain Link
3am Too Soon
64 Shades of Grey
Violet Jessop
Howls Lament
Helen of Troy
Spanish Steps
Too Tired
Basement Arc

Covers that may sneak in:

My City Was Gone (The Pretenders)
Waiting Room (Fugazi)
Feels Like Rain (John Hiatt)
Gigantic (Pixies)
Robber Time and Mistress Pain (David Follis)