Way Upstairs Productions

Way Upstairs Productions

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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"Ghetto to Ghetto and Worldwide" Mr. Scratch displays Various Flava's of Hip Hop, influenced by Dancehall and R&B. Started in the MidWest listening to the East Coast, then traveled to the south, soaking up different vibes along the way.


Way Upstairs latest CD project is a Hip Hop, Dancehall, and R&B compilation featuring several established artist, and some hot up and coming artist. All songs, except one, were recorded, mixed and mastered at the Way Upstairs Studio in Atlanta, Ga. Rodney (Mr. Scratch) Taylor a featured artist on the compilation, is also the Studio Engineer responsible for the Phat quality sound that you hear on this CD. Scratch is a veteran in the Music Business from DJ to Rapper to Engineer to CEO. Originally from the Midwest (Toledo,OH) Scratch relocated to the ATL about 10 years ago with long time partner and MC. Boshed after their EP release "Born Suspect" under the name "The Sons of Nature". Scratch had the Studio built in 2005 and has been a force in the Underground Atlanta music scene. The CD features: Qu'rect - from the ATL. Curtains, Lock and Skarchie, from the Hangem High Fam out of Brooklyn. The Hustle Camp, Ushad and JayMo. Dancehall artist, Ras Igel, AK Knowledge, Radical. And straight from Jamaica Lutan Fyah. "Ghetto to Ghetto and Worldwide


Born Suspcet EP - Sons Of Nature
Smooth Taste EP - Boshed
DJ Mix Tapes (Hip Hop,Dancehall, RnB)
A Long Time Comin CD - Way Upstairs Productions

Set List

*Depends on wether the show is Reggae or Hip Hop based. *
Reggae shows are accompanied by a live band and features additional artist.

Aint Nuthin Like It
Burn Dem, Ring De Alarm medley
Call Me
Blaze It Up
Pick up the Pace
Wanna Be Gangsta
Blaze It Up

* set list is subject to change *