Way Yes

Way Yes

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Way Yes is an World-Pop band.

We mix indie-rock with feel good world vibes and lo-fi synths.


After years of banging keyboards in various humorously titled projects, Hall and Davis formed the group that is paradoxically their most serious and playful. Their first recorded statement, Herringbone, was a breezy and uplifting affair – amalgamating the joyous Afrobeat of originator Fela Kuti and the Soukous vibes of Nico Kasanda with the quirk of Beat Happening and the light psychedelic flourishes and childhood naivety of Animal Collective. However, Way Yes are quite deceptive songwriters, and they demonstrate their prowess on all cylinders with their newest EP – Walkability.

Hiding heavy lyrical content under the positive tropical vibes, Walkability addresses everything from death of loved ones to the existential crises of the daily grind. Additionally, the five songs of Walkability make masterful use of sonic space, keeping the instrumentation sparse and the reverb heavy to provide a deceivingly introspective experience against the layered dance rhythms. While myriad themes and emotions lie under the service of Way Yes, their primary directive was certainly accomplished – a sonically diverse windows-down, exuberant listening experience. As Travis explains “I think we both like to keep music ‘light’ if that makes sense. I like the juxtaposition of darker subject matter with more uplifting/breezy music. We just want the music to naturally make people feel good.” Walkability is a declaration of a young band masterfully and rapidly maturing.


Color Blind

Written By: Way Yes

i'm so tired, tired of this routine
go to work, come home,
eat something, sleep and then repeat

we found out i'm color blind,
but it doesn't bother me
cause i can still see colors fine,
in some if not all of my dreams

we've got a good thing, going when we sleep
we get along, we don't fight,
we do it and then we smoke some pete

we found out you can't see that good,
but it doesn't bother me
cause you can still see me fine,
in some if not all of your dreams


Written By: Way Yes

he's ruining all my days,
i need him to display,
his affection publicly for me

i'll take my problems to,
work and shine them through,
my skin so everyone can see

that my head is wrapped up,
in your head so let's make up
leave me alone, talk to my hand,
cause this face don't understand,
how you work, work, work

he's ruining all my nights,
i'd rather have a fight,
than a back turned towards me while we sleep

i'll take my problems to,
my job at the drive-thru,
and display them publicly for you

and my hands are caught up,
in my mouth so i can't talk
leave me alone, talk to my hand,
cause this face don't understand
how you work, work, work


Written By: Way Yes

don't need no break ups,
don't need no friends at all
they'll just bring heartache,
when they move to seattle

it's walkability,
it doesn't matter to me
i've got my stupid car,
and it's runnin' finally

but its runnin' away from me

don't run away from me


Walkability (EP, Winter 2010)

Herringbone (EP, Summer 2010)