Houston, Texas, USA
SoloHip Hop

My name is Wazeer. I am a rapper, producer based in Houston, Tx. My songs do not only consist of one of kind beats, smooth melodies, high energy anthems, and witty lyrics, but they also carry a captivating motivational message!


Wazeer is an independent artist and producer from Houston, Texas. Wazeer’s discography includes his first debut album “My Way” and his latest sophomore album “Photon Phever”. While maintaining his status as an established local artist in Houston, Texas, Wazeer has also made appearances on national radio outlets such as the Sway in The Morning Show. Wazeer’s mission is to spread a motivational and conscious message through music and eventually to become a ground breaking international musician. 

Set List

1. Rise
2. Burn
3. Broke
4. Great
6. Bad
7. Midnight