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DC’s Mixtape King – WB Takes the DC Flava to Pittsburg as a featured guest artist at Saint Anger’s Album Release.

Washington, DC, August 2, 2009: You’ve seen his face; you’ve heard his mixtapes; but have you seen WB live? Pittsburg, PA, fresh off of a Super Bowl win, has assembled some of its most talented rappers and hip hop artists with the hopes that WB’s furious flow doesn’t bring home the Hip Hop braggin’ rites to DC. Just Pressing Buttons Productions Inc., sponsoring its 4th Annual Hip Hop Buffet Series is streaming this contest with the competitions’ live performances on www.JPBTV.com. Sharing the stage with honored guest and celebrating his album release, VA’s own SAINT ANGER dedicates this album release party in to SKYLINE RECORDS and promises that Pittsburg will not take home the crown this year! WB, the lyrical mastermind; his skills go beyond the booth. No stranger to competition; having taken over DC’s Indie scene with more singles and mixtapes released in one year than any other hip hop artist in the DMV. (Seriously, check him out on www.datpiff.com.)
His rhymes harmonize with the music; his lyrics make you listen, then listen again and ask, “Did he really just say that?” WB has dominated the DC Hip Hop scene and his is coming for PA; taking no prisoners. His stage presence and energy captivates audiences. His rhymes speak truth and stretch the mind to places unknown. He’s equipped with the lyrical ammunition to stomp the competition. His latest mixtape single “DC Authority – Charlie Brown Mix” is sure to rock the crowd. Bringing a bit of the old school feel to Pittsburgh, WB is expected to smash all competition and take all braggin’ rites home to DC.

Check out WB’s music at www.skylinelabel.com or www.myspace.com/wb202.
- Independent


Radio Play: WKSHdabeat.com - Singles "Soulja", "300"

WILL'S WORLD VOL. 3 - OUT NOW! Released on 1.15.10. Available for dowload at www.datpiff.com or on www.skylinelabel.com

WB's most recent mixtape drops:

**6.29.2009 - Eye of the Beast

** 3.25.2009 - The Error 2: The Glitch Is Back

**2.24.2009 - DC Authority 2



The most insane lyricist and master of the sixteen – WB (pronounced, Dub.B) has been rapping since the age of thirteen and his skills are only getting better. From his verbiage to his delivery, WB is said to be a talent before his time. With his eclectic style and wicked flow, WB finds his creative voice through keen observation of people in different cultures, lifestyles, and situations; some call him a narrator of the times.

Declared the Indie Mixtape King, WB has over 400 songs under his belt and still going strong. Energetic and passionate about Hip Hop, WB prides himself in creating musing that stays true to the art of Hip Hop. Combining a variety of sounds and musical anecdotes, WB’s love for real music is evident through his fusions of thought-provoking lyrics and hard-core beats.

WB draws from all genres to create his musical pilations; from the Temptations to Kanye West; Genesis to Jill Scott, and even Dead Prez. He appreciates the universality of music and embraces his aptitude for rhyming. His unique flow threatens to revolutionize the traditional sound of Hip Hop. When asked what drives his music, WB says that "people don’t understand what Hip Hop really is and what it means; they sample a few beats and put a few words together and think its Hip Hop. Hip Hop is real life, real struggles, hopes, and dreams."

Not only a mixtape master, WB’s energy and passion for Hip Hop is best experienced through his live performances. WB is no stranger to the rap game having rubbed elbows with some of the best in the industry– Tabi Boney, Snoop Dogg, Wale, and DC's infamous Chuck Brown. From the most elite venues in DC to the hottest clubs in Atlanta, Pittsburg, and New York, WB has entertained and captivated audiences far and wide.