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Written By: charlie mccutcheon

i feigned a jaded stare,
assumed an icy glare,
i was and wasn't there
until i saw her.
there wasn't time to think
cause i was shrinking to her heat.
every time i'd see her
i would lose a bit more cool.

she's got me feeling like the icecaps melting in the hot sun;
nothing no one can do to stop the damage done.
i feel like a glacier turning into ocean (breaking into pieces).

pretending to be cold
was getting really old.
it was my last defense
until i saw her.
my friends said "talk to her",
she made me so unsure.
words froze on smiling lips
wanting to taste hers.


i should collect myself,
i should compose myself.
so don't hide yourself away.

cool as a cucumber
and sharp as ice.
i'm ready for her now,
tonight's the night.
then she steps into view
i gulp a lump or two.
but i won't run i'm gonna say what's on my mind.


see what she's done?