Greezy Alt-Country/Rock. It's like a frothy blend of country, western, rock, folk, beer, and irony ...and having it served over hot peppers.


What do you get when you combine a punk rocker, 2 dead-heads, and a Beat Farmers Fanatic? It would make for one ugly kid, that's for sure. But, somehow it makes for a refreshing combination as a band.
We won't bore you with a chronological biography of each member. Suffice it to say that there are many years of playing music in many bands. Being on stage and on the road is something very familiar to these greezy fellers.

All 4 members grew up listening to rock and country music in one way or another. Now that they've matured and re-evaluated their roots, they have a common agenda: To take their collective influences, stir it up, add some twang and a little irony, and serve it up with some hot peppers. It tastes uniquely western... but with a kick.

Set List

Playing a combination of originals and obscure covers done WD-40-style. Currently able to provide over 3 hours of music.