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Tampa, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Blues Rock




"WD-HAN releases new track “Summertime Star Sign”"

Tampa band, WD-HAN, has released their new track “Summertime Star Sign”. The track was written after a close family friend passed away. The song carries the message to let someone know you love them. WD-HAN are partnering with a local non profit, Women With Purpose, an organization committed to helping families currently fighting breast cancer, providing non-medical financial assistance. A percentage of revenue will be donated throughout November to Women With Purpose for any merch purchased. - The Girls At The Rock Show

"Running With The Sound: An Interview with WD-HAN"

And it’s here, we enter WD-HAN. The best band you haven’t heard of…yet. For the pun worthy remark that the name is cleverly an abbreviation for “We Don’t Have A Name” and the sheer fact that the Tampa based trio are ready to burst into their own, with songs that once listened to even once, will have you asking “How have they not played Staples Center yet?”.

With humbleness and a love for what they do, in addition to the already lovely and potent chemistry of vocalist/guitarist Spencer Barnes, drummer Lea Campbell, and bassist Cal Henry, it results in something truly special. With two albums under their belt and a third soon to be released, their tracks bear the hallmarks of the greats, and all the heart and thunder of Greek heroes. We speak with the act on their inspirations, the current state of rock, and their sparkling future… - Readable Noise

"WD-HAN - Summertime Star Sign"

The song starts with slow rythm. The expressive vocals with the companion of a guitar and a piano, turns to a rock anthem in the second part. A real good song. - Eat This Metal

"Motion City Soundtrack, A Rocket To The Moon, Sing It Loud, & WD-HAN"

First up was local band WD HAN, which stands for We Don’t Have A Name... - B. Moore Visuals

"Concert review: Motion City Soundtrack with WD-Han, Sing It Loud and A Rocket to the Moon at State Theatre"

Clearwater-based quintet WD-Han, which stands for "we don't have a name," earned an opening slot for the show after winning the Pasco County Library Battle of the Bands. They kicked off the night with Spencer Barnes’ soulful vocals and a slinky set of alt rock. - Matthew Spencer

"WD-HAN on NBC's "Daytime""

Spencer Barnes, Lea Campbell and Cal Henry of WD-HAN interview with Dave Nemeth and Cyndi Edwards of NBC's "Daytime". - NBC


Hi to everyone at A Music Blog, Yea? (Your name is awesome.)We are WD-HAN, a three-piece alternative rock band from Tampa, Florida. Our members are Cal Henry on guitar, Lea Campbell on drums, and Spencer Barnes singing lead vocals. Our name stands for “We Don’t Have a Name”, because…why not? When trying to name the band we felt like everything we came up with sounded too much like a band name, so when “WD-HAN” was suggested and we all laughed our asses off, we went with it! - A Music Blog Yea?

"AAA Music Approved: WD-HAN"

What makes you different?

Our band dynamic is unique – we’ve been playing together for so long, we’ve all been best friends since high school and I think it shows in our performance and songwriting. In our music, nothing is off-limits and we don’t think about it as fitting a genre – it’s about what sounds cool and what forwards the message of the song. Plus we have a badass female drummer. - AAA Music

"RISEN From ReverbNation"

You might be unsure of what WD-HAN means; it’s an acronym for “We Don’t Have A Name.” While they may claim they don’t have a name, WD-HAN has a lot of heart to make up for it. This indie band from Clearwater, FL keeps their lyrics and music authentic and expressive. The trio is made up of vocalist Spencer Barnes, drummer Lea Campbell, and guitarist Cal Henry. They first connected in high school where they would jam and write together. Since then they have worked to produce music, and finally, their debut album, Kings Of Castles, was released last September. - The Aquarian


Self-belief is a powerful thing. Florida based trio WD-HAN (short for We Don’t Have A Name) know in their heart that they have some strong songs, a great live sound and are intent on taking it to the world one step at a time. Late last year they released their debut album Kings of Castles, featuring ten quality, impeccably produced pop rock tracks. Across America, they’ve had a few little wins along the way, each time reaching further into the market they’d dearly like to break. The wins are becoming more frequent, the reach is becoming wider. They’ve played gigs in various American cities, toured Taiwan last year and at the time of our interview were in Melbourne, Australia. - Australian Musician

"Take Your Pick. High Quality Bands Just Found"

WD-HAN is an alternative indie rock band based in Tampa Bay, Florida. The band took its original form with Cal Henry on guitar, jamming and writing with high school friends. In need of a name, WD-HAN was considered and loved instantly.

Over the following years as the band continued to write new music and play bigger and better gigs they started to build a following. With the addition of Lea Campbell on drums and Spencer Barnes as the band’s front man, they developed their own kind of pop rock sound heavily influenced by a love of classic rock and blues.

There is only one word to describe a band with a girl on the drum set. F@@ing Gorgeous (two words but worth it).

The band as it seems cares more about the right promotion of their music. A very cool feature is on the home page the new album promotion with a player to listen and buy their songs. An on line shop is active where you can buy T-shirts or the new album.

Social media are available too on every page on the right.

Highlight of the band it is the very clever name. In fact it is more a statement of the band that they (We) Don’t Have A Name! - The Old School Project

"Three bands, three new songs."

It seems an age since WD-HAN released their brilliant, infectious and frankly intriguing EP ‘Monkey‘, and now they’re back with a new song. A reserved, melodious and haunting track, with some intricate strings and moving keys, ‘Summertime Star Sign‘ is possibly the band’s greatest track. Just take a moment to drink it in, because this song is amazing. - Love It To Death UK


Posted on 10th December 2019

Australian artist WD-HAN has been making colossal waves with their absorbing mix of high-octane Indie, Rock and Blues for quite some time. Yet, December 6th marks the release of their most riotously sweet single yet “Spaceman”.

Sure, you’ll get the sultry, swampy, Bluesy Americana licks. But you’ll also be hit with potently fierce energy both from the filthy winding instrumentals and the vocals which match the veracity. The lyrical depth is the icing on the cake.

Spaceman was inspired by the frustrations of modern living such as dealing with the existence of Donald Trump and wanting to escape the planet. Naturally, Spaceman spills plenty of catharsis. It acts as an aural invitation to share your anger over the fact the world seems to be becoming more and more ludicrous. If you aren’t angry as WD-HAN, you really should be. - A&R Factory


Alchemy is bound to spill when a nuanced band set their mind to creating an aural earworm out of Indie, Blues, and Rock. WD-HAN definitely succeeded with their first single to be released in 2020 “Icarus”.

The single dropped on January 17th giving us yet another affirmation that the Tampa Bay-based artist is one to watch.

With a prelude offering reminiscences to Daughter, the sudden switch to anthemic Alt Rock in Icarus will have you on the edge of your proverbial seat. When in full swing, Icarus is a monster of a track full of rhythmic sultry Blues, yet those bluesy licks come with plenty of bite. - A&R Factory

"WD-HAN – ‘Icarus’"

From a staccato and mysterious opening, an electric guitar alternating between the bass and top notes fills the audio spectrum. The vocal performance is filled with integrity and grit, with the impressive vocal range on show from the get-go.

The guitars, bass, and drums all have a brooding feeling to them. The chorus is compelling and catchy – WD HAN will have you singing along in no time! We adored the various twists and turns the song takes, always keeping the listener on their toes!

Comprised of band members, Spencer Barnes – Vocals, Cal Henry – Guitar, and Lea Campbell – Drums, WD-HAN are an excellent trio of musicians. They know how to write captivating music with a hook that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Having shared the stage with acts like Paramore, Walk the Moon, Silversun Pickups and Kaleo as well as touring to Asia three times, WD HAN are on a path to serious success. - FV Music Blog


Tampa Bay Alt Blues Rock band WD-HAN are proving to be a force to be reckoned with in 2020. Blues riffs will always be timeless, but it was infinitely refreshing to hear WD-HAN put a fuzzy Indie Rock twist on the gasoline-soaked riffs in their latest single “Bad”.

With the high-octane ingenuity WD-HAN pours into their tracks, they’re far from a dusty revival band. Their sound is tensile, dynamic, and they are more than efficacious when it comes to sharing that infectious Jim Jones-style furore through their records. I live in hope that one day they’ll be able to bring their riotous sound across the pond so I can witness a live set.

They’ll be dropping one track a month for the rest of 2020. So, if you put any new Alt Rock band on your radar in 2020, make it this one. - A&R Factory


Tampa trio WD-HAN bring us their second single of 2020, a bluesy rock anthem to get you grinning at life’s little disappointments.

“Bad” is, from the first riff, an undeniably good song. A crunchy guitar wearing a studded leather jacket grabs you by the lapels and demands your attention (and probably your lunch money) with its dastardly cronies – a sturdy backbeat and heavy bass – standing menacingly behind it.

The band write of the song that rejection doesn’t have to be about regret – instead of wallowing in your disappointment, we can play this song, enjoy a moment of amusement, and move on. Upon hearing the first line of the chorus, I surely felt this moment of amusement. The singability of to-the-point, witty (yet somewhat heartbreaking) lyrics are reminiscent of the UK’s favourite festival chant-along banger “Mr. Brightside”, with all the grit of one of Royal Blood’s earlier works.

I find myself surprised that “Bad” has come out of Florida – not that geographical location makes any difference as to whether music is ‘good’ or not – but something about this single sounds almost intrinsically Brightonian. WD-HAN have captured the ‘fun’ of rock n’ roll, combined it with a passion for the blues and the result is a song that the reader should play very loudly, and multiple times over. - Turtle Tempo

"WD-HAN drop their new banger, "Bad""

WD-HAN hail from Clearwater in the USA, with a very Americana take on classic Indie-Rock, with sweeping guitars and melodic vocals wooshing all over it.

The band have been releasing tracks since their inception and come Spring 2020 we see their latest effort "Bad" get it's eagerly awaited release. After the success of their 2019 hit "Spaceman" the band are on a high and by the sounds of it they're looking to top it with this anthemic banger. The band are aiming to release a track every month for 2020 and if they're all on the same level and ferocity as "Bad" then we will be in for a heavy year!

The trip have been played on Daytime TV in their homeland being beamed into thousands of homes, had three successful tours in Taiwan, helping them generate a fanbase in the Asian country as well as their hometown of Clearwater.

So be sure to head down to get a taste of what WD-HAN are all about, we feel that once you've listened to "Bad" you'll be wanting more! We have been back on multiple times since first hearing, and are absolutely gagging for more. - It's All Indie

"WD-HAN Drops A Big Beat And Fat Riffs On “Shiver”"

WD-HAN has staying power. The band formed in 2008 and have continued to grow and gain momentum throughout their twelve years. They’ve not only survived where most other young bands fail, they have thrived. Maybe it’s because they are family. I don’t mean that figuratively, the band is made up of actual family members.

The three piece ensemble calls Tampa, FL home. Their roster consists of the married couple Spencer and Lea Barnes on vocals and drums (respectively) and Cal Henry on guitar. Not to be outdone, the Henry family is further represented by Cal’s wife Marjorye, the band’s manager.

The group has twice been voted Tampa’s best band. They have played hundreds of gigs in their hometown. Not content to stick to their own stomping grounds, they have also toured the world, performing in locations as distant as Taiwan. In their tenure they’ve released four albums and countless singles. Showing no signs of stopping in 2020, WD-HAN is releasing new songs every 4-6 weeks. Once the world has returned to sanity the group will also continue touring, and appearing in music festivals. They have a busy year planned. Their latest is a brand new single, released 3/27/20.

“Shiver” is one part modern Alternative Rock and one part Fuzz-guitar glam. The track has a percussive riff-heavy rhythm that hearkens back to the mighty T-Rex. Spencer’s vocal delivery is a perfect match for that vibe. For a three-piece, the band brings a big sound. I love the driving industrial beat of this track. There is also a nice Cult-style Psychedelic/Metal guitar break at the 2:30 mark. Cool stuff. - The Static Dive

"WD-HAN – Bad (2020)"

If you can honestly say you have never felt any twinge of anger in your life, I’d say you are lying. Anger is one of the most instinctive human emotions and experienced by everyone regardless of your age, gender, ethnicity or even calling in life. I mean, even priests feel anger every now and then. Think about the Archdeacon from The Hunchback of Notre Dame – despair and displeasure all over the place.

Psychological theory marks anger as one of the stages of grief immediately after denial and before bargaining. The Kubler-Ross Stages of Grief is typically applied in cases of bereavement, but it can be applied to all forms of personal loss. The end of a romantic relationship is a perfect example. First, you deny it and cry your eyes out, then you want to bash your ex’s head in before trying to get back together. Some miss the denial and ignore bargaining, but blood-boiling hatred is almost always evident. When you find yourself seething and throwing plates against the wall, I recommend listening to WD-HAN’s single ‘Bad’.

After releasing four albums or EPs, WD-HAN is taking on 2020 with a new single every month. Following the track ‘Icarus’ but preceding ‘Shiver’, ‘Bad’ is a song showing emotional depth. Powerful lyrics over strong guitar riffs and steady drumming, this track digs deep into the human soul and expels every blood-boiling thought after breaking up. I’m not talking about the ‘drifted apart’ break-up; I’m talking about that immediate and unexpected end. Barnes (the singer and not the percussionist) boldly conveys every vengeful judgement we want to shout: “We had a good thing then you turned it bad. You can lie and try to blame your Dad. I know you did it to make me mad.” Relatable? At least I think so.

While the track may seem spiteful, WD-HAN focuses on joy and self-improvement rather than hate. ‘Bad’ implies anger against another but, on the flip side, it could be considered openly avoiding self-blame for certain situations. Raising an eyebrow and shaking a head instead of curling up in a ball and breathing heavily (in a bad way). Everyone needs to take responsibility but rather reach that point without hating yourself.

On Facebook, WD-HAN refers to themselves as “the future of music in America fulfilling the very purpose of music: to raise people to the heights of living where they belong.” After listening to the compelling ‘Bad’, I can’t agree enough. I can’t get enough of this energetic group and I’m sure you’ll feel the same. - The Other Side Reviews


LP - Kings of Castles


Shoot Me Down

Taking Me Over

Young Again

Name In Lights

The Mystery

Side Effects

Steady Hands

Lost Art of Deception

Black Dress


EP - Monkey


The Down Low


Burn, Burn, Burn



The Greatest

Single - Summertime Star Sign

Single - Spaceman



Tens of thousands of teen-age bands form every year in America. How many are still around over ten years later? A hundred? How about with the original members, actively playing and recording? Maybe ten?

WD-HAN beat the odds, and is still beating them.

What magic of music, what harmony of life has energized this triad since 2008? A simple, powerful purpose woven through everything they do: through music they can make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Lead singer Spencer Barnes, guitarist Cal Henry, and percussionist Lea Barnes, along with the band’s manager Marjorye Henry (yes, two married couples), have studied, practiced and learned for years how to wrap their music around listeners’ best inner selves, making it safe for people to reach out to a better life. WD-HAN works in musical styles of emotional depth, mixing blues and rock and ballads with whatever accents are needed to drive the message home.

WD-HAN has played at hundreds of local venues, many major music festivals, appeared on Daytime America twice, toured Taiwan three times, and recorded four albums or EPs. Now, in 2020, this is their year, this is their decade. Releasing new songs every 4-6 weeks, touring, and appearing in more festivals, they are inviting you along for the ride.

Music is also the vehicle these energetic music-meisters use to focus their intentions for a better world where life can flourish. They play many benefits for anti-drug groups and pro–human-rights groups. They have supported orphanages in Ghana and Haiti and charities like the American Cancer Society. They measure their success in people helped.

WD-HAN is no fly-by-night band; they are the future of music in America, fulfilling the very purpose of music: to raise people to the heights of livingness where they belong.