WD Miller Band

WD Miller Band


If you like catchy pop hooks and lots of vocal harmonies, the WD Miller Band will hook you. The group plays an eclectic mix of originals and covers. Their music has been described as a cross between the Beatles and the Eagles. Check out the WD Miller Band for some "good time fun."


A crack unit that generates great pop songs and high energy shows, the WD Miller Band has been performing to packed clubs around Northern VA, including Jammin’ Java (Vienna), Iota Club (Arlington), and Bangkok Blues (Falls Church) where they appear monthly.


Saga on the Side

Written By: WD Miller

I bumped Ilene in the parking lot,
but what I got was
minor damage,
‘til that girl caught, my little heart,
with her eyes.
My girl Joni’s waiting at home
I’m not supposed to take up
the advantage,
and if I don’t show--
I’ll catch the saga on the side.
I want my breathless heart
to feel something new,
want my restless heart
to feel the earth move,
I want my heart to go-- ooooooh.
Kathy nudged Ilene way, way out,
she has clout when it comes
to lovin’
she’s so devout,
the girl tears me up inside.
Pam was good & she had the lock,
‘til Kathy knocked and I
hit double,
It was all shot, when the both
So Kathy split and Pamela’s gone,
now there’s none for me
to juggle,
and now I miss Joan…
I want my saga on the side
‘Cept when Pam scoots into town,
comes around for some turtle dovin’,
that’s when I know I’m bound
for my saga on the side.


Whirly Town ©1999 WD Miller
Whirly Town (audio file)
Saga on the Side
Supergirl (audio file)
Who Shot Down the Mockingbird (audio file)
Palomino Girl
Stealin' Sugar
Run, Alison
Just a Little
The Virginian (audio file)
History (audio file)
My Own Sad Eyes (audio file)
Lauri Lie
For Kayne
Buffalo Nickels & Roosevelt Dimes (audio file)

Sugarland Run ©1999 WD Miller
Sugarland Run
Travel Light (audio file)
Good Dreams Can Die
We're Not Breaking Up (only I am)
I Forgive You (audio file)
Lil' Sure Shot (audio file)
Guessing Game
Drunkeness of Love
Sunny Blue
My Time
Nothing to Lose

Set List

Jammin’ Java set list 6/11/08
Set I (about 90 minutes)
1. Sugarland Run
2. Rodeo
3. Little John
4. Sad Eyes
5. Virginian
6. Travel Light
7. Good Dreams Can Die
8. Beat Generation (Beat Farmers)
9. For What It's Worth (B.Springfiled)
10. Act Naturally (D. Gibson)
11. Don’t Let Me Down (Lennon)
12. This Boy (Beatles)
13. Supergirl
14. Everything’s Jake
15. Healing
16. When you Dance (N. Young)
17. Wake Up Little Suzie (Everlys)
18. Kellie
19. Just a Little
20. Someday Someway (M.C.)
21. Mash Up (GreenDay/Oasis)
22. Time Won’t Let Me (Outsiders)
23. Helplessly Hoping (CSN)

Set II (about 45 minutes)
1. Shakin All Over (Who)
2. Mockingbird
3. Whirly Town
4. Wild Wild Life (Talking Heads)
5. Don’t Bother Me (Beatles)
6. Stealin Sugar
7. My Time
8. Annie
9. Surrender
10. Palomino Girl
11. Leave My Heart Alone
12. Buffalo Nickels
13. Last Time (Stones)
14. Rooster (