WDNFRA - Modern Metal with and old school touch, Kick ass solos, powerful and understandable vocals, every gig we played the crowd really got into it and thrashed all around!


We are a complete formation since september 2007, we are all aged around 19.

WDNFRA is different of other bands by the motivation we have to rock the world. We dont yet have a label or any Cd on the market, but we practice 5 days a week in our jamroom and we walk an hour everyday to go to it cause we dont want to waste money on gas. We put all our money into what we REALLY need like good gear, buying merch, and flyers to promote our gigs. We are trying to make some good money with the release of our demo and shirts, and i think things will go forward in 2009, it doesnt have the choice, cause when you are working that hard, it comes back to you in a good way.



Set List

Most of the time our set is from 30 to 45 minutes, 6 or 7 songs long, most of our song are around 6 minutes but we have some excpetions like in ''inner Pain'' which is 9 minutes cause of an instrumental part at the middle , that shows how good we can get in clean parts also.