We have been releasing our records independently and it was all pure fun and joy - reaching to our listeners internationally at a whole different level, the endless worthy days of writing and recording, the love for art, the late night hours of assembling 100 copies of handmade CDs that made it out to the world, and the passion for music. We have come from different background, one a communication strategist, the other a graphic artist and lastly, an architect pursuer. But we have the same degre


Weaker came together in 2006, and it was nothing more than just a pure break into temporary relief for Troy and Scarlett. With little money for new instruments, the two played mostly on an old guitar that had been left behind by Scarlett's father after his death and an out of tune 90's keyboard which was found abandoned in the neighborhood. It all started plainly in a tiny bedroom of their apartment that they've named "a minor place", writing and improvising through an Apple laptop's microphone loud enough only to be heard within the four walls. What seems obvious to them is their riches of songs and melodies to record but limited talent in both instruments and resources for a proper studio recording - Weaker was merely an introduction to experimentation as much as it is to fulfill a musical journal with compelling stories.

Fearing public reviews and confrontations, their first album never came to light until 2009. Drawing influences from songwriters like Bill Callahan, J.Tillman, Jason Molina and Damien Jurado, their debut and most acclaimed worldwide release, "Candle White", echoes solitary heartfelt imperfections as can be heard in the vocals and lyrics. But the utmost simplicity has breathed in new life as they found no reason for perfection and what was regard as shying away from the public, when all they sought for after all, was simply just passion. 100 copies of the album were then handmade and given away for free through their own independent release. Their perseverance continued in "Silver Heart", the band's sophomore album, still representing improvisation in its purest form.

Their latest recording made a significant change with added instruments and Affan Wazir onboard, bringing endless energy and talent while still maintaining the fundamentals of their music. Born out of the concept of early Smog recordings, each take from the album reminisce the essence and rareness of long forgotten individualistic tunes. The album title "Parallel Blues" spells the never ending anxieties and pains as with most of their unreserved compositions based on a lifetime experience and fictional thoughts. For a band who doesn't like to talk about themselves, one can only assume to have unraveled their history from the characters written in the music.

Weaker's new album, "Parallel Blues" is released on May 14th 2012.


Candle White (2009)
Silver Heart (2010)
Parallel Blues (2012)