Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Southgate House says: "Weakness brandish delightfully abrasive 'n eccentric punk rock/noise spazz-outs with overdriven organs and a Stooges/Brainiac aggression that cannot, should not, and will not be ignored."


Weakness is from Cincinnati. Weakness likes Suicide, and Roy Orbison, and Queen, and Leon Russell. Weakness prefers rolling on the floor to standing upright. Weakness likes climbing things (that are structurally sound, of course). Weakness has been known to play shows while sustaining various sprained joints. Weakness has also been known to utilize stripper poles as guitar slides (when a stripper pole is readily available). Weakness have particularly svelte physiques and can be easily beaten up by most other bands. Weakness is very friendly. In April 2010, Weakness held a coincidental residency at the Southgate House, where they just happened to be booked three weekends in a row. Weakness includes members of bands such as the Flux Capacitors, Till Plains, and Vacation.


weakness - WEAKNESS (2009)
full-length album on In The Fridge Records
reissued on Lost Sound Tapes

"Kinda Nice" b/w "Soo Alive" 7" on In The Fridge Records

you can stream or download our entire album here: http://weakness.bandcamp.com/

Set List

all originals:

No Anima
Foreign Place
Fish Tale
Pig Pen
Kim Keeps Dreaming
Lil Idea
Hang Up

our sets run somewhere between 20-25 minutes.