Weakness For Blondes

Weakness For Blondes


Progressive dueling guitar work, mixed with a heavy splash of funk, and backed by a wicked rhythm backbone. Melodic vocal harmonies with songs of travel, gambling, and road humor.


Some people like to dance at a Weakness for Blondes show, while others enjoy listening to the extended-adventure jams that the band always brings to an evening's performance. Either way, one is sure to feel the energy this group brings to the room. The music thrives on heavy improvisation and spontaneity of the moment. The crux of the music comes from dueling guitar improvisation with the bass and drums building rhythms to support the interplay. Tightly developed vocal melodies compliment the songs telling stories sometimes funny and other times ethereal; tales of travel and songs of music and its
ability to move people. Weaknesses for Blondes blend traditional delta blues and progressive guitar jams with a funky rhythm backbone. Soulful harmonic vocals
add to the experience, placing this original group in a class all to its own. Mixing a good bit of funk with their jam-rock, the band plays primarily their own music which is reminiscent of the artists that influenced the band. In homage, WFB pays tribute to some of these roots by performing songs by the Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic,
The Band, and many others.

Weakness for Blondes became a full electric band when friends (Ahren Herbert-Wilson on the low end, Jason Adams on drums, and Chris DeClerk on guitar/vocals) took an acoustic act to a new level. The three began playing around their hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas and working on original music. People responded well to the music and
the band began to gather a local following. In 2000, Rob Moore joined the band and completed the lineup the band has to this day. The band continued to amass new compositions, taking the music to the road and playing outside the central Arkansas area. WFB has shared the stage with many righteous musicians along the way including current Allman Brothers’ bassist, Oteil Burbridge, and his band, The Peacemakers, Particle, The Kudzu Kings, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers, Col. Bruce Hampton and The Quark Alliance, and The Drew Emmit Band of Leftover Salmon fame.

WFB has also played at many top festivals around the state and surrounding areas including Riverfest, The El Dorado Musicfest, Togetherfest, and the Earthtones Music Festival in Eureka Springs, AR.

In the summer of '06 some music was distilled and recorded at the Hive Studio in Little Rock with master sound engineer Drew Pickens. The music was recorded live to capture the vitality of the bands sound and displays a good representation of what one might experience at a WFB show. In the fall of 2006, WFB released its first C.D. entitled
"Longshot". The band continues to gallivant about playing big second sets in support of "Longshot"--if not changing the world, at least believing they tried.


"Longshot" Our debut studio effort-released November of 2007!

Set List

Little Rock, AR

Acting Blind>
Dog In Me
The Call>
Get Healed
Eye 2 Eye
To Be Average>
True Love Cocktail
Weak Brain/Narrow Mind
Throwin Hatchets