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Weak Patrol

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Crash Assassin/Handsome Distraction/Sea-Sekshun & Weak Patrol @ V-Lounge [Dec.10th]"

Suddenly the place is packed with people wearing Weak Patrol shirts. It's for a good reason. I always kicked myself for coming near the end of their opening set a month ago. Well, here they were again in their army inspired uniforms. Didn't take long for the place to erupt with the band's high energy indie rock. I still follow my "New Pornographers fronted by Jello Biafra" statement. It's hard to imagine how this band doesn't get tired. Frontman Caleb Kennedy strums his acoustic guitar harder than anyone I've ever seen and sweat seemed to shake from his flailing body. Carling Battistuzzi is always jumping around, swinging her hair. She has such a rock voice to her, but not in a way that would be non-accessible to the listener. Willis Schneider just gets the job done everytime I see him. He isn't much for putting on a show. He allows the others in the band to do so. Jaime Nolan had a bit of trouble getting the engine started as he stumbled through the first initial lead bits. He laughs it off. Dekan Delaney puts on a clinic each time. Really, this has to be one of the top acts in Victoria. Not only are they consistent with well crafted indie rock with classic influences, they have the shirts, they have the CDs, the uniforms [as stated] and they even have an animated background that spans the whole concert. Each song is handled with gusto. Highlights included a huge band dance off during a drum solo by Delaney, which was neat. Another was Nolan's use of the wah-wah pedal during one tune that reminded me of black exploitation films. I resisted the need to pimp walk across the dance floor. Unfortunately, they were also cut short even though they brought most of the crowd in so that the hoochies and guidos could spend the last half hour shaking it to Lady Gaga. Still, they ended it on a high note with an Ennio Morricone inspired number that started with Delaney whistling backed by Kennedy's chugging guitar. This is a song you need to hear, especially with the climax sing-along that gets me everytime.

All in all, the night had it's ups and downs. I would definitely recommend both Handsome Distraction and Weak Patrol to anyone looking to catch some local music. These bands are going to blow you away. It's always great to keep in mind all the bands that put in their efforts to make these charity concerts successful. So, pat yourself on the back, Victoria. 1800 is nothing to scoff at. - Band Night: Reviews and More


Weak Patrol Greatest Hits: Volume I



Weak Patrol hails from Victoria, B.C. Canada and is a high energy, independent rock band. Weak Patrol has 4 boys and 1 girl and all have a very high awesomeness rating (check out some live vids on You Tube). Caleb sweats, beats his guitar, belts out lyrics and dances funny. Willis maintains a stoic persona holding down the bass and rocking steady. Jaime shreds the guitar, tickles snazzy harmonies and dances funny. Dekan hammers the drums clinically, and handles the 4th layer of harmonies. Carling belts out lyrics and harmonies and makes us cooler because she is a girl [she also dances slightly less funny then Jaime and Caleb].
When Weak Patrol plays people smile and dance and we think that is a good thing!
The musical influences of this band are too many to count which is what accounts for our variety of song writing styles that make up the "Weak Patrol" sound. All of our songs are very lyrically based and tell a story. Generally, its a very loud, sweaty, slightly tongue in cheek story but still a good one none-the-less. We are proud of what we do, if people hear us they will like us, if they see us live they will love us, so now that we have our first album we are just working on getting heard and seen. All in all folks need to know: if you are not on dawn patrol then stay up late with Weak Patrol and you won't be disappointed.

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