Weak Signal

Weak Signal

 La Puente, California, USA

We're fun, fast and full of life. With a variety of styles and each member with a different musical background we combine the best of what we love and what people enjoy to hear.


Weak Signal is a four piece band from Los Ange....wait, wait, wait, why should it sound like someone else is telling our story, no one knows it better than we do. So here it goes, we formed in 2008 in my(Joey) back yard.

See Chris and Manuel played in a band already and I asked them to play for my birthday, but their second guitarist and bassist didn't go to play. I had been playing the bass secretly for about a year and I brought it out to play with them that night. They liked jamming and asked me to play with them, so I did. We practiced almost everyday that summer and we got good. We played a few venues, a few backyard shows, and a few front yard shows.

Now I bet you're wondering how Marcos fits in to all this, well hold on I'm getting there. In 2010 Manuel and I started working and we had completely opposite schedules so it was hard to find time to practice and it resulted in a little hiatus. In that mean time I started jamming out with my nieghbor Marcos. I showed him how to play the bass and it went from there. Chris and Manuel were filling in for a friend's band during that time too.

After about a year or so we finally found a day to practice and it was like we never stopped. During that practice, we had decided that it would be a good idea to get a second guitarist, problem was we couldn't find one. So I mentioned that Marcos plays bass and I had been playing guitar with him. We tried it out one day and we fit like spaghetti and ranch, or whatever it is you eat ranch with.

So anyway, we practiced, and practiced and played for hours and hours and we finally made it level twenty-five of black ops zombies. Seriously that game is addicting, like crazy addicting. At one point we were all down except for Marcos and we thought he was totally fuuu but he made it! He actually killed every single zombie and got us through to the next round, but he forgot to charge the time machine and we got raped the next round, but I digress.

So yea with a lot more experience and a lot of new ideas we got back in the garage and practiced, wrote new songs and practiced more. So now we're back playing shows and trying to make it in this world. Nah too cliche let me try again. We are Weak Signal bitches!


Suit-Up! LP 2012