Weak Size Fish

Weak Size Fish

 Fredericton, New Brunswick, CAN

Weak Size Fish once started out as just a few friends getting together to jam around. They then decided to bring their love for music to the stage. Mixing sounds from rock, blues, reggae, funk. Although just starting out, they plan to stick around for sometime.


The story of Weak Size Fish begins in the summer of 2004. Mitchell Bernard of St. Edwards, P.E.I. and Nick Mazerolle of St. Felix, P.E.I. began jamming together sharing their passion for music and guitar. They quickly came to love the music of Bob Marley, Sublime, and The Dave Matthews Band. Together they played at local parties for friends and jammed together in the evening to pass time. They called themselves “N&M” and receive their first public performance at the Terry Fox Run at their local high school. They performed an acoustic rendition of the Eric Clapton “Wonderful Tonight”. Coincidently, Weak Size Fish member Matthew Bernard of St. Edwards, P.E.I. was the act prior to Nick and Mitchell. He performed “Jimi Thing” by DMB and jammed out “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynryd with long-time friend Gregory Profit.
Sometime early in October of 2004, all three of the members began to jam together. They worked on songs performed by N&M and added more DMB songs that Matthew was more accustomed to. In the winter of 2004-05, the newly formed group began to play shows for friends at local parties. The infamous Cabin in Mill River became the spot where acoustic music could be heard.

The first public performance for the three members together was at a Spring Fling talent show at Westisle Composite High School. Nick, Mitchell, and Matt, accompanied by local blues guitarist Mark Phillips, performed the Eagles “Hotel California” in front of about 200 spectators.

In the summer of 2005, while at the beach, the acoustic trio decided upon the name “Weak Size Fish”. Weak Size Fish is slang in the western part of P.E.I. for a very large fish. The name was only to be temporary but it stuck even to the present date.

When Weak Size Fish entered Neville House on the University of New Brunswick campus in early September 2005, their main goal was recording a CD. Instead, they ending up doing covers of the songs they grew to love, for the people of the house. Eventually, the exposure became positive as it got them their first big break; a charity concert for the Neville House Bed Push at the Cellar.

In the future, Weak Size Fish hopes to record a CD. Their goal is to one day make money for doing the thing they love most about life: music.


No CDs released to date.